zach montoya


Boo! Bats, cats, and tiny little fangs that seem to glow. This is the eerily beautiful work of Baltimore based artist/illustrator Zach Montoya… I love it. And I’m kinda scared. Happy Halloween!

{ps. Some of this work is available in Zach’s shop  ///  found via Booooooom}

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  1. Caren /// 10.31.2016 /// 10:02am

    Fun for Halloween! The 2nd one is my favorite

  2. Britt /// 10.31.2016 /// 11:06am

    Ha! I have that bat sweater! Its from H&M a few years ago!

  3. Carolyn /// 11.01.2016 /// 10:16pm

    These remind me of The Chronicles of Harris Burdick by Chris Van Allsburg–each one tells a story. Lovely.

  4. finja /// 12.03.2016 /// 9:46am

    The first one is my favourite, the last one looks really mystical!
    Cheers from London!
    Finja /