kurt pio


Giant diamonds and huge bottles of champagne? Yes, that’s how you do Monday! These are a few of the pieces included in a new show, titled “Stone Sober” featuring the work of South African artist Kurt Pio. This is Kurt’s first solo show in the US so I’m pretty sure he’s opening a bottle of bubbly or two! Here are a few words from the gallery:

Gallery Orange {819 Royal Street New Orleans} is proud to present Capetown artist Kurt Pio’s debut solo show in the US. Kurt’s work has been shown for years by leading edge designers and in such global magazines as Conde Nast and Elle Decoration … Gallery Orange feels a solo show is due, so we are pairing Kurt’s two bodies of work, the established gem collection and the newer champagne collection, in a one stunning show titled “Stone Sober”.

The show opens this Saturday, November 12 through November 22, 2016. An opening reception will be held on November 12th from 6:00- 9:00pm. RSVP @ info@gallery-orange.com

comments (7)

  1. Beth McBride /// 11.07.2016 /// 6:47am

    Man, what a gorgeous statement one of those glittering gems would make in someones house (like mine)!

  2. Michael Joyal /// 11.07.2016 /// 8:32am

    That’s some great painting, there.

  3. Alex /// 11.09.2016 /// 8:18am

    Amazing! What a fabulous combination, diamonds and champagne 😀 Love the contrast between the rectangular cuts of the diamonds and the soft, melting effect on the champagne bottles.

  4. Sharmon Davidson /// 11.10.2016 /// 4:37am

    These are amazing! What material is he using for those geometric pieces? I looks like some kind of thin cardboard or even plastic. Just wondering.

  5. the jealous curator /// 11.10.2016 /// 6:37am

    wood 🙂

  6. Sharmon Davidson /// 11.10.2016 /// 4:44am

    Never mind, it was the guy above him I was wondering about.

  7. Nikke /// 11.12.2016 /// 8:50am

    i’m a big frrrrrrrkin sucker for these giant gems! i love love love them! they are so cool and magnificent! i want one, no, bunches on my walls! great idea! the wine bottles are very neat!

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