fancy schmancy gallery : “west”


I’m not very good at keeping secrets (at all) but somehow I managed to keep this one under my hat for the last six months. You guys, I opened a gallery… a Fancy Schmancy Gallery. Here’s the gist:

Fancy Schmancy Gallery is open all day, every day. No appointments necessary. No need to find parking. Whether you live in a huge city or a tiny town you can “wander” through Fancy Schmancy whenever you like. Every two months there will be a new show, filled with original artwork that was created specifically for that show, and available nowhere else… fancy, right?

Gah – so exciting! I decided to do this with hopes of making unique, original art accessible to everyone everywhere. Ok, I also just wanted an excuse to give assignments to my favorite artists to see what they’d make!

Well, the first show, titled “WEST”, goes up TODAY!  This whole online, podcast-filled, social media-saturated, no real rules world feels like “the wild west” to me, so it seemed like a perfect way to start this new adventure. I gave six amazing artists this brief… west… and they took it from there! Take a tiny peek:


Oh, I love it so much! Pop over to Fancy Schmancy to see the full show… happy art collecting (ps. all of these are originals created specifically for this show, so if you like something, buy it before it’s SOLD.)

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  1. Beth McBride /// 11.29.2016 /// 7:31am

    This is so exciting!! What a great idea. I feel like your love of curating is maybe an extension of your love of collage (??)–assembling and organizing favorite images into one spot. : )

  2. Tamara Klassen /// 11.29.2016 /// 7:58am

    This is a fantastic idea, what a great way to support all these great artists. I always love hearing about the awesome shows you’re putting together but I can’t just jet off to go see them even though I would love to. This fixes that!! Congrats on this new adventure!!

  3. Laureen Marchand /// 11.29.2016 /// 8:43am

    Congratulations! Great idea, great follow-through, great gallery name. You go!

  4. Yael /// 11.29.2016 /// 9:03am

    This is so great! Congratulations!!! Can’t wait to see what else you pull out of your pockets 🙂

  5. Lesley Frenz /// 11.29.2016 /// 9:33am

    Congratulations!! This is so fantastic to see! Will you continue the format of just “shows” a la BSDA or do you plan to expand to a larger roster of artists and work? I was literally JUST researching online galleries when I saw your post. 🙂

    Love love love this first gathering of work!

  6. the jealous curator /// 11.29.2016 /// 9:41am

    thanks! each show will be a group show featuring work by different artists. so far i have 24 artists secured but will grow that with time. the “past shows” will be archived and those works will remain available while the “current shows” are being featured. it’s all a bit of an experiment at the moment so i’ll roll with it as it evolves ; )

  7. Kate hughes /// 11.29.2016 /// 10:28am

    This is amazing!! Will you be offering prompts publicly for artist submissions? Thank you!

  8. Holly /// 11.29.2016 /// 10:41am

    Love this idea Danielle! This first collection is wonderful, can’t wait to see more.

  9. Megan Carty /// 11.29.2016 /// 11:35am

    Congratulations! The pieces you selected are so amazing! You have a strong platform with which to support talented artists and I’m excited to watch how your gallery evolves! Thank you for being such a champion in the art world!

  10. Andrea Burnett /// 11.29.2016 /// 4:12pm

    It looks AMAZING!! You are just knocking it outta the old park Danielle! So excited for you, my friend. I’ll share the good news. Plus, you know how much I love Jessica Brilli!!

  11. Gretchen /// 11.30.2016 /// 5:07am

    I couldn’t be happier for you, congratulations to you and all the brilliant and artists in the show!

  12. Gretchen /// 11.30.2016 /// 5:08am

    oops, I meant to say brilliant and wonderful artists!

  13. Caren /// 11.30.2016 /// 6:12am

    Congratulations! How exciting!

  14. Jules Madden /// 11.30.2016 /// 4:50pm

    Congrats how exciting! I love the name too 🙂

  15. the jealous curator /// 11.30.2016 /// 5:28pm

    thanks everyone! we’ll see how this goes : )

  16. Julie /// 12.01.2016 /// 11:19pm

    Congratulations! Of course you had to do this!! Its genius!! Wishing you luck and enjoyment on this new venture! x

  17. Sheryl Pond /// 12.03.2016 /// 3:32am

    Lovely gallery you have here, maam!

  18. Crystal Foth /// 12.03.2016 /// 11:07am

    Oh I love it – what a wonderful new creative venture!! Congrats! I can’t wait to see each new show.

  19. the jealous curator /// 12.03.2016 /// 11:04pm

    thank you! i’m so excited about it : )

  20. stephanie /// 12.05.2016 /// 4:41pm

    Absolutely Fantastical!!!!! I love all the pieces, and I love that you are doing this. It’s so perfect!!!

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