claire tabouret


Gasp! Acrylic and fabric on canvas. This is the stunning work of French-born, LA-based artist Claire Tabouret. Her portfolio is full of amazing work but these four very unique, feminine, breathtaking pieces jumped out at me immediately. Those strips of paint-soaked fabric? Oh, mon Dieu.

comments (9)

  1. Arty Teacher /// 01.06.2017 /// 3:05am

    Wow! This is amazing, inspiring work. Thanks for posting it.

  2. Beth McBride /// 01.06.2017 /// 6:29am

    I love these. The way the fabric strips are positioned are so gestural. So much implied with a few lines. I love all the hints of pink peaking out from behind the black strips and the simple sketches of the rest of their bodies.

  3. Michael Joyal /// 01.06.2017 /// 9:13am

    I love how the fabric gives an incredible amount of texture to the work.

  4. Emittra /// 01.06.2017 /// 4:00pm

    Oh thank you for sharing Claire Tabouret her work! I saw her portraits last year at the art fair Art Brussels and I immediately fell in love.

  5. Nikkie /// 01.07.2017 /// 10:52am

    really really neat! i love the fabric strips that add a 3d element and catch light. it’s cool cuz those fabric pieces unite the picture. like how fashion takes over, but not in a negative way.

  6. leigh hannan /// 01.08.2017 /// 1:53pm

    these are fabulous. makes me want to try it, but I won’t because there’s no way I can do it like this! so I will just enjoy claire’s work instead 🙂

  7. Debra Styer /// 01.09.2017 /// 9:33pm

    These are gorgeous! I love the how much texture of the simple fabric adds to the pieces.

  8. Sarah garcia /// 01.10.2017 /// 3:33pm

    Please could you tell me how the prices of Claire Taboureet´s art?

  9. the jealous curator /// 01.10.2017 /// 5:33pm

    hi sarah – i’m not sure. you’d have to reach out to one of her galleries (either paris or LA) :

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