“warm guns ‘n bloated flags”


Well, this could not be more timely. I am so thrilled to have Kentucky-born, Brooklyn-based artist Natalie Baxter on the podcast this week. Her work is beautiful, smart, and yes, very timely. This was such an interesting conversation, with a very clever woman, who’s using her art to make people think. Granted, according to her comments section, people think all sorts of things about her work. Perfect – that’s the point of this whole art thing, right? You can listen right up there under that knotted/bloated flag, titled “AMERICA, CURRENT MOOD”, or you can subscribe on iTunes.

First up, Natalie surrounded by hundreds of plush guns in her Brooklyn apartment, followed by a few of my favorite pieces from her “WARM GUN” series:


Oh my word, I could not love them more! And in case you haven’t listened yet, the story behind all of her work is just so interesting. Almost a happy, obsessive accident thanks to her creative curiosity and growing up with a grandmother who knew quilting inside and out.

Alright, from a bunch of cozy guns, to “BLOATED FLAGS”. I love this series so, so, so much:


Gah! So good! And yes, that completely gold/tassel-covered flag is titled, “PEOPLE WILL THINK YOU’RE MAKING A TRUMP FLAG”. Again, the story behind that title is, in fact, gold!

Alright, from Trump flags to slightly droopy “artillery”:


Yep. The gun-lovers weren’t huge fans of these pieces (and, spoiler alert, may have been the ones leaving terrible, nasty comments on Natalie’s social channels.) Sigh.

And finally, during the not-so-speedy speed round, I asked Natalie if she could only choose one to work with from now on – would it be tassels or gold fabric:


She chose tassels… see, I told you she was smart. Thank you so much to Natalie for not only taking the time to talk to me, but for making this wonderful work. I can’t wait to see what comes out of the residency she’s doing right now. Thanks to Saatchi Art for supporting this 85th episode; and as always, big high five’s to you for listening! There will be more art for your ear next weekend.

Other links:

  1. Natalie’s videos
  2. Wassaic Artist Residency (NY)
  3. Vermont Studio Center
  4. Dooce.com
  5. Alison Milne Gallery, Toronto
  6. Nasty Woman Exhibition (SOLD OUT!)
  7. Whitney Museum of American Art
  8. This American Life
  9. Ah Haa School for the Arts, Telluride CO


comments (8)

  1. Megan Carty /// 01.21.2017 /// 9:30am

    I really admire this work so much! It’s wonderful when you can stand behind what you make and make waves. She should send one to the schools that allegedly battle grizzly bears, per the Secretary of Education nominee. Ha!

  2. the jealous curator /// 01.21.2017 /// 11:00am

    haha! YES!

  3. Natalie Baxter – Amateur Studies /// 01.21.2017 /// 3:59pm

    […] yesterday was the inauguration of Trump and this artist came to my awareness today via The Jealous Curator (includes an interview). Natalie Baxter is an artist who makes soft sculptures, quilts and films, […]

  4. Julie /// 01.22.2017 /// 6:57am

    Loved this!! Its so interesting hearing about other mediums and how far they can go.

  5. Christa David /// 01.23.2017 /// 9:39am

    Love this episode and hearing how the heaviness of current events gets sorted out in Natalie’s work. Her work reminds me of Ebony G. Patterson. Do check her out!

  6. the jealous curator /// 01.24.2017 /// 9:20am

    will do! thanks christa : )

  7. Berta /// 02.02.2017 /// 4:36pm

    Another great interview!!!! The knotted flag is heartbreakingly beautiful.

  8. Candace Grace /// 02.03.2017 /// 8:48am

    What a great interview. I am always so intrigued by artists who bring current/political events into their work!

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