janna watson


Ribbon candy? Dreams? Thick paint and thin lines in so many beautiful colors whimsically applied to soft gradient backgrounds… sigh. This is the work of Toronto based artist Janna Watson. I absolutely love this description of her work, so had to include it:

“Bundles of color, made up of discrete yet inseparable instances of pigment—what Watson refers to as “moments”—are teeming and poised as though caught mid-multiplication. Sweeps of paint re-direct sharply and fold over themselves; thin, rigid ink lines cut into the pictorial field as rudimentary elements in an increasingly complex system of painterly language.”

Bundles of color… LOVE. Janna has a show at Bau-Xi Gallery in Vancouver right now, until February 25th – and then her work will be hung at Bau-Xi in Toronto, opening April 1. More info here.

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  1. Caren /// 02.12.2017 /// 8:54am

    These are wonderful- they are like their own little world i want to go explore

  2. Nikkie /// 02.12.2017 /// 10:18am

    these pretty colorful swirly paintings feel like asian paintings meets expressionism: cherry blossoms and mountains, or asian woman figure with head piece and the thin gesture lines look like asian brush text.

  3. the jealous curator /// 02.12.2017 /// 12:46pm

    yes! excellent description nikkie!

  4. Fer Scarlato /// 02.22.2017 /// 8:49pm

    Oh how I love these!!
    I can totally see in the red painting a gaucho riding a white horse up in the air, towards the red sunset, and a little bald man with a jetpack following them.

  5. northierthanthou /// 03.20.2017 /// 12:40am

    Beautiful stuff. I especially like the last couple with the streaks that almost look like rainbows.