marion tivital


Lovely… and lonely. “Beauty can be found in very unexpected places, and it is a joy to find in shadow a gleam of light that shapes everything.”¬†True, and these paintings are proof. This is the work of Paris based French artist Marion Tivital. Her portfolio is full of forgotten places, a lot of them industrial, but it’s her pools – or traces of pools – that I love so very much.

comments (3)

  1. Beth McBride /// 03.09.2017 /// 6:15am

    Very well done, but I find them quite creepy!

  2. Carla /// 03.11.2017 /// 4:50am

    Beautiful work, so restraint and mute that it becomes stillness in itself.

  3. Cynthia Robinette /// 03.20.2017 /// 1:59pm

    Laconic art! Feels familiar; revisiting a past memory.