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Oooh, yes! Who wants to go swimming in aqua-blue cake frosting?! Simple strokes, an absolutely loaded brush, and big beautiful canvases just waiting to be transformed into busy beaches as a gentle ocean breeze blows through. Sigh. I can almost smell the salty air and sunscreen! This is the plein air work of Australian artist Sally West. and yes, I’m smitten. I also want to eat cake on the beach.

{Some of her work is available through KAB Gallery}

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  1. simone /// 03.15.2017 /// 9:39am

    Fab. This really would be a great topping for a cake. Hummmmmm…

  2. Barbara Bentzen /// 03.16.2017 /// 1:00am

    Beautiful painting style. Can you send me more information of where to see more and maybe buy? Thank you

  3. Week 3 – Plein Air Online Journal /// 03.16.2017 /// 11:16pm

    […] found this artist Sally West through The Jealous Curator ‘s website and I was drawn to the simple colour palette and shapes she […]

  4. Nikkie /// 03.18.2017 /// 11:50am

    I love these paintings sooooo much! They are the beach and beach goers in perfect paint! love love love.

  5. Grace /// 04.14.2017 /// 2:29am

    Hi there could you please send me the details where I can find painting or copy to buy? Love the surfers in the water!

  6. the jealous curator /// 04.14.2017 /// 7:28am

    there is a link at the bottom of the post to her gallery : )

  7. backyard The Jealous Curator /// curated contemporary art /// sally west... - DIY Ideas /// 08.20.2017 /// 6:32am

    […] from […]

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