rhian swierat


Ooooh! Painting and drawing and thread and sequins! I’d love to see these gems in person, but an extreme close-up or two is going to have to do for now. This is the mixed media work of New York based artist/graphic designer Rhian Swierat. Does she have a plan going into each piece? Yes – ish. Small stitched sketches get her going, but then she lets go and the whole process becomes very organic… perhaps that’s how those spider webs and flowers made their way in there.

“My process takes precedent over any drive towards a preordained composition. Sewing has no short cuts, you need to make every stitch to fill a space. This process becomes meditative as I work to recall each memory and distill it into a physical representation.”


comments (13)

  1. Julie /// 03.16.2017 /// 5:09am

    Love Love Love!

  2. Beth McBride /// 03.16.2017 /// 6:25am

    oh man, these are great! Especially fond of the first one here!

  3. Bea /// 03.16.2017 /// 7:14am

    So gorgeous. I wish they were mine…

  4. Becca /// 03.16.2017 /// 9:16am

    Wow! I love the combination of watercolor and embroidery. The texture is out of this world! Great work, Rhian!

  5. Ian /// 03.16.2017 /// 11:15am

    Process sounds awesome, with beautiful results!

  6. Laura K. /// 03.16.2017 /// 11:42am

    So beautiful!!! Excellent combination of mediums. Hope all is well.

  7. Catherine /// 03.16.2017 /// 11:44am

    It is impossible not to have a strong emotional reaction to these pieces

  8. Elissa S Nesheim /// 03.16.2017 /// 1:06pm

    AHHH!! This is amazing. So absolutely lovely and clever. my fav combo. 😉

  9. Amy Tingle /// 03.18.2017 /// 2:59am

    WOW. WOW. WOW. Blown away by Rhian’s work and so inspired to do some stitching myself now!

  10. Nikkie /// 03.18.2017 /// 11:59am

    I can really see that graphic design influence and it’s cool…..threads are like text and overlapping paragraphs in harmonious compositions.

  11. CraftyHope /// 03.19.2017 /// 8:23pm

    These works are really amazing! Thanks so much for sharing this one!

  12. Kira /// 03.22.2017 /// 4:17am

    So glad you featured these! The pieces take on another level of meaning when you realize how long it takes to sew, and picture the artist painstakingly stitching out these intricate pieces, pricking their finger. Thanks for sharing!

  13. BIDO ANNIE /// 10.08.2017 /// 11:32am

    Waouwww !!!! Superbe !!!!

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