“a cat in paris”

If you are not experiencing this episode from Paris, brace yourself because you’re gonna wanna go! Artist, designer, author, shop owner, traveler, and mother (phewf) Cat Seto is my guest today. She owns the lovely shop & studio, Ferme à Papier, in San Francisco. However, as much as she loves the city by the bay, I am quite certain her heart belongs to Paris … and its pastries. You can listen to this episode right under that lovely little collection of all things Parisian, or you can subscribe on iTunes.

First, Instagram proof of a Cat in Paris:

Are you booking your flight? Yep, me too. (See, that was the photo on the balcony I mentioned… she looks very at home if you ask me!)

Next, a tiny peek at just a few of the gorgeous things (art prints, cards, planners etc) at her shop in San Francisco, Ferme à Papier:

Those shoes. I need this print maintenant!

So, along with everything else she does, Cat is also a mama… so how perfect was this collaboration?! Mom Inc., the inspiring, advice-filled book she co-authored with Meg Ilasco in 2012:

… and, the “Joie du Jour” line of loveliness that she also created with Chronicle Books, with of course, just a petite touch of Paris.

Well, clearly a petite touch wasn’t enough for Cat! Enter her new book (on shelves April 4, 2017 released by Harper Design), Impressions of Paris – An Artist’s Sketchbook:

Oh mon Dieu, so lovely. The book is broken up into four sections: color, pattern, perspective and rhythm … and it captures Paris beautifully. Well, not only does her book do that, so does her dreamy little shop & studio! Here’s a little look into Ferme à Papier’s HQ in San Francisco:

Ahhh… a bike in the window, navy walls, wood accents. Now, I wonder if she has any pastries in there? My money is on ‘YES’.

During the Not-So-Speedy Speed Round™ I asked Cat for her favorite dessert in Paris. She couldn’t name just one. Who’s surprised? Me either. Here are a few that she mentioned… illustrated!

Oui, oui, oui to all of that scrumptiousness! And, if those rainbow-hued macarons aren’t sweet enough for you, how ’bout this:

Aw, come on! The cutest!  Thanks so much to Cat for taking time out of her insanely busy life to do this with me; thanks to Saatchi Art for supporting this episode, and big high-fives to you for listening! There will be more art for your ear next weekend.

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comments (12)

  1. Monica Lee /// 03.25.2017 /// 8:12am

    yay! I love Cat! She is always so charming! And so unassuming about her accomplishments!

  2. Maggie /// 03.25.2017 /// 10:16am

    Thank you for this podcast! I too am a mom, a business owner, and trying to be an artist. Listening to Cat’s story was inspiring and has helped me to see that my life can be multifaceted. Carving out time for myself without the guilt is more than okay.

  3. Julie /// 03.26.2017 /// 1:00am

    Seasons… Genius!! Cats illustrations are beautiful!!

  4. Amber /// 03.26.2017 /// 6:27pm

    This episode was delightful! Thank you for such a wonderful podcast season.

  5. Joan C. /// 03.29.2017 /// 8:08am

    Great post. I’ve seen her work and I’m so happy to know more. I’m a fan!

  6. the jealous curator /// 03.29.2017 /// 8:49am

    me too!

  7. Rhonda D /// 04.02.2017 /// 9:10am

    Wait… no insider note on what that app was that buzzes when she nears patisseries she doesn’t want to miss?

  8. the jealous curator /// 04.02.2017 /// 12:39pm

    oh dear! a major oversight! 🙂 so, apparently it’s no longer around, but here’s the site where it came from: http://www.davidlebovitz.com/paris-pastry-guide-app-application-iphone-travel-france/

  9. shachi kale /// 04.04.2017 /// 1:49pm

    The interview was delightful as always! Her work is amazing. But the best part was the end, where you said the best thing ever. Seasons! yay!

  10. shachi kale /// 04.04.2017 /// 1:52pm

    oh! and she talked about a call for artists. Do you happen to know how/where one can find out more about that? I googled, but no luck 🙁

    Thank you!

  11. Kara kramer /// 04.07.2017 /// 1:58pm

    This may be one of my favorites!

  12. Amy Martino /// 01.18.2019 /// 12:43pm

    I love this podcast! It is so insightful to hear Designer Mom’s dealing with creative block, balancing kids, creativity, work, life, sanity… Thank you for inspiring us & bringing joy to our day. Keep up your GREAT work!

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