njideka akunyili crosby

Oh, I love these so much. Large-scale, jaw-dropping work that combines collage, drawing, painting, printmaking, and photo transfers – and, of course, I had to include that gorgeous pink portrait too! This is the work of Nigerian-born, Los Angeles based artist Njideka Akunyili Crosby. Here’s a description taken from Victoria Miro {London}, the gallery that represents her work:

“Drawing on art historical, political and personal references, Njideka Akunyili Crosby creates densely layered figurative compositions that, precise in style, nonetheless conjure the complexity of contemporary experience. Akunyili Crosby was born in Nigeria, where she lived until the age of sixteen. In 1999 she moved to the United States, where she has remained since that time. Her cultural identity combines strong attachments to the country of her birth and to her adopted home, a hybrid identity that is reflected in her work.”

Only in her early 30s, Njideka is having record-breaking success… you know, successes like selling this piece, titled “The Beautyful Ones”, at Christie’s for $3.1 million last month:

GAH!!!!! Congratulations, Njideka!

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  1. annton /// 04.27.2017 /// 7:15am

    I am absolutely taken!

  2. Cheryl Hansen /// 04.27.2017 /// 1:01pm

    Impressive to say the least. Wait, whaaaaatttt? $3.1M !!!!!!

  3. Nikkie /// 04.29.2017 /// 9:28am

    powerful! i heart the pink portrait and the woman on the yellow sofa looking thru the open door!

  4. Clare Stokolosa /// 11.06.2017 /// 7:51am

    I was looking up Njidek Akendy Crosbby and came across this sight. I want to introduce her to art teachers as a contemporary artist to be used in the art-classroom. Her portraits speak to me as a women artist. Her mixed media, composition and approach to self portraits tells a wonderful story.