oriana (kacicek) ingber

Ok, if we’re going to take our relationship any further, you should know that I love my birthday. Like, LOVE it. Obviously these dreamy, delicious, perfectly painted paintings {oil on panel!?} by American artist¬†Oriana (Kacicek) Ingber¬†are a wonderful way to celebrate. I am in awe of her realism, her color choices, and her sweet subjects. I’m also very hungry. Scroll back up and look at that ice cream cone? Those donuts? PAINTINGS?! Happy Friday to all of you … I’m off to do a little Birthday / Mother’s Day indulging!

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  1. leigh hannan /// 05.12.2017 /// 5:50am

    Happy Birthday! and Mother’s Day!

  2. the jealous curator /// 05.12.2017 /// 5:57am

    thanks leigh : )

  3. Beth McBride /// 05.12.2017 /// 6:06am

    Happy Birthday! Can hardly believe those are paintings!

  4. the jealous curator /// 05.12.2017 /// 6:11am

    thanks beth, and i KNOW!?

  5. Maria Ho /// 05.12.2017 /// 7:09am

    Absolutely stunning in a slightly uncomfortable way :). Happy birthday!

  6. Taylor /// 05.12.2017 /// 7:55am

    These are just perfect! What an interesting choice of subject

  7. Cheryl Hansen /// 05.12.2017 /// 1:36pm

    I hope these are no smaller than 30″x30″ so you can feel the sugar ooze onto your flesh! : ) Happy Birthday! Happy Mother’s Day! I’ll be joining you in the birthday club on the 31st! Enjoy some adult beverages. Prost!!!

  8. Sandy Malamed /// 05.13.2017 /// 4:35am

    I am talking about those jelly donuts. I have never been tempted to taste one before…but now, I feel that I must! Mother’s Day brunch is going to be a little sweeter (and stickier) this year. Happy birthday!

  9. Nikkie /// 05.13.2017 /// 9:00am

    oooooh such wonderful sweet treats to see this Saturday morn! Love all of it and want a sample of everything here! Happy Mother’s Day n’ Happy Birthday!

  10. Susy Martins /// 05.13.2017 /// 9:09am

    Oh my gosh! Sweet perfection..I’m in awe that they are paintings!! Have a scrumptious Birthday and Mother’s Day!