rebecca clouâtre

Teeny tiny (5cm x 3cm ish), weird ‘n wonderful … 150 collages in 150 days! Ahh, so inspiring. This is a project by Ottawa based artist Rebecca Clouâtre. That dino-covered snail is her latest piece and is no.116 out of 150. She’s been documenting this daily project on Instagram. It’s all fantastic, but as you scroll through them start to finish you can see her work get stronger and stronger! A true testament to daily practice. Here are her words on Day No.1:

JAN 20, 2017 / I have always loved paper. Since I could use scissors, I have cut and collected snippets of magazines, posters, show cards, ticket stubs…really anything paper-related that caught my eye. I’ve decided to start a challenge for myself: create one mini collage a day for 150 days using the material I have collected over the years.

Love! ps. How lovely are those little base papers? 

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  1. Maria Ho /// 05.16.2017 /// 4:29am

    I just love the dino on the giant mushroom! Glorious work!

  2. Daren Sullivan /// 05.16.2017 /// 10:10am

    What a cool idea….very inspiring Rebecca !!

  3. Jennifer Wood /// 05.16.2017 /// 12:52pm

    So wonderful!! Inspiring indeed!

  4. Rachaeldaisy /// 05.16.2017 /// 3:38pm


  5. Julie /// 05.19.2017 /// 5:10am

    These are beautiful! and really love the bases!

  6. Anna /// 05.26.2017 /// 9:02am

    Indeed they are beautiful and a really cool idea