havoc hendricks

Ahh, geodes … except that these are paintings. What?! Yep. This is the gorgeous work of American artist Havoc Hendricks. His portfolio is full of mountains, moons, and marble too … but these geodes? Oh my. They spoke to me. And, because seeing the scale of a piece {and the artist!} is always fun, here’s one more image for you:


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  1. Caren /// 06.15.2017 /// 12:56pm

    Very cool. I would love to seem them painted on a surface where the shape can be manipulated…. wood perhaps were the whole surface in and of itself is an organic shape like the geode….

  2. Nikkie /// 06.17.2017 /// 8:02am

    great giant geodes! neat idea and neat to look at!

  3. krinandez /// 06.23.2017 /// 11:07am

    Havoc rocks