scott listfield

The overgrown Starbucks sign pulled me in, but as a proud Canadian… yeah, the Timmy Ho’s sign sealed the deal! “Franchise” is the latest brilliant show from American painter Scott Listfield. These gorgeous paintings {yes, paintings!?} are currently hanging in LA at Gallery 1988 until July 8th. If you can see Scott’s clever, beautifully painted work in person … GO! 

ps. Scott was on my podcast last year, and it’s such a great episode! Listen right here.

comments (3)

  1. Katy /// 06.22.2017 /// 10:44am

    these are very cool!

  2. Nikkie /// 06.24.2017 /// 10:14am

    bet spaceman wishes he could chow down at any of those fast food stops! i want to head over to pinks right now!

  3. Eva Maríe /// 06.25.2017 /// 11:28am

    It’s frightening to me to see all of our familiar American landmarks such an apocalyptic phase of a past

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