emma larsson

Ahhh, yes… it’s hard to tell where her dreamy paintings end and her organic ceramics begin. This is the beautifully bizarre work of Stockholm based artist Emma Larsson. Here is a little bit about her found via her agency, Wood Society of the Arts:

Having previously worked with mostly oil and acrylic, Emma has recently devolved into her own expressive abstract watercolours. She also sculpts ceramics, where the characteristic figures are lifted from the paper to adopt new living forms.

They certainly are! ♥

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  1. Maria Ho /// 07.12.2017 /// 6:06am


  2. Beth McBride /// 07.12.2017 /// 6:45am

    So beautiful! I love the idea of seeing 2D painted forms interpreted in the 3D

  3. NancyLee /// 07.15.2017 /// 3:01am

    Okay – WHEW! – these made way more sense to my dysgraphic brain when I scrolled from ceramic objects to painted ones. And as artists, isn’t that a huge reason why we paint, sculpt, collage, photograph? To make sense of our visual world and communicate it back…There’s a gorgeous feel of and for the organic here!

  4. Bansri Chavda /// 07.17.2017 /// 11:26pm

    Emma Larsons, amazing works are just “calmness” in one word, the journey is so beautiful the way the paintings and the sculptures harmonise… and yet are individual, it’s music!,,, to me… loved your works Emma!