eleni pratsi

Oh my circles! Colors bleeding into each other while contained in perfect circles. This is the work of Paris based painter Eleni Pratsi. I love her work –¬†oil and acrylic on canvas – and I love her reasons for obsessing over circles just as much:

“… Beyond doubt, the circle plays a favourable role in my paintings. Treating the circular form as if it were the unique letter of my plastic alphabet is based on a personal choice and backed up by a childhood memory: when asked by my instructor, at the age of eleven, as I took my first art lesson to draw a circle, this turned out to be perfect, to Eliza’s taste. Consciously or unconsciously I recall her overflowing enthusiasm but also my feeling so proud for having traced a circle, my first circle, a perfect circle. With this childhood experience recorded undoubtedly in my subconscious, ten years later I initiated a series of artistic studies through which I’ve been pursuing, ever since, the perfect circle.”

Mission accomplished. Happy Friday.

{via Saatchi Art}

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  1. NancyLee /// 08.05.2017 /// 4:07am

    Ooh, my armchair psychologist is trying to have a field day with the gestalt symbolism here, but I’m trying to shut that down, and just enjoy the satisfying completeness of these circles – SEE ??? There I go again…

  2. Heidi Horchler /// 08.06.2017 /// 6:37pm

    Ooooh I have so many questions! If you could do an Art for Your Ear with Eleni, and just get her to, you know, describe her process in detail??? Yeah, that’d be great. These are gorgeous! Thanks as always, and can’t wait to hear all about Venice!

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