antoinette ferwerda

Gasp! I’d love to wander around in these pastel-hued, magical, and very hilly wonderlands from morning till night! These mixed media pieces are the work of Australian artist Antoinette Ferwerda. This is what she does…

“… [Antoinette] explores the use of colour to evoke emotion.  Patterns in nature are still her fascination.  Her design stories and themes encourage a personal, thought-provoking connection with her art.  Her compositions reflect light, capture the geometry of shape and make Australian landscapes playful and abstract.” 


comments (4)

  1. sandra /// 08.12.2017 /// 6:31pm

    Love your website! Thanks for exposing us to all these great artists.

  2. the jealous curator /// 08.14.2017 /// 12:01pm

    my pleasure!

  3. Brian Pittman /// 08.14.2017 /// 11:15pm

    Loved your work. Thumbs up for your great work.

  4. Maria /// 08.17.2017 /// 6:43am

    Super nice work! loving the colors.