kirsty templeton davidge

Ah, the lovely work of Canadian painter Kirsty Templeton Davidge. When I saw the first image in this post, I assumed it was a photograph. It wasn’t. Then, I assumed she’d been a working artist for years. Wrong again. Kirsty just graduated in 2015 after deciding to go back to school to get her BFA. I was so curious to know what she did in her pre-BFA life. Hand model, perhaps? I emailed her to ask, and this is what she told me:

“… I was a stay at home mother to four kids. I always did things with my hands (made baby clothes, made things for our house etc) but I wanted to find the root of my ‘making’.  I also wanted to get a degree as a life goal so I returned to school and took my BFA.  I worked hard and really focused on becoming better and focused on  the fundamentals – drawing, painting and sculpture.  In my final year I took the painting path.  It is my privilege to paint and because I got a late start, I’m not wasting any time.”

Well, now I assume she’s amazing and totally inspiring … and I’m right this time. Happy Monday. ps. follow her on her brand new Instagram feed!

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