susannah montague

Is it possible to be in love while somewhat terrified? Yes, yes it is. This is the beautifully made, sweet ‘n creepy work of Canadian ceramicist Susannah Montague. Butterflies, bones, and babies … I scoured her site looking for the stories behind these gorgeous / scary pieces, but I believe she’s left it up to our imaginations. At this stage all I really know is that I want to ride around in a row boat with a pink beluga.

ps. I do know why Susannah creates these lovely “blastocysts” though…  “This [work] is about my twins as five day old embryos. The day they got transferred into me.”


comments (3)

  1. Rachel /// 09.06.2017 /// 5:09pm

    Such stunning pieces. I am blown away by the intricate detail and imagination of Susannah’s work.

  2. debbie /// 09.06.2017 /// 10:18pm

    These are so amazing. I love the little bits of gold and all the little skulls.

  3. Laurie /// 09.07.2017 /// 10:59pm

    I find these works enchanting. The shimmery glazes, the small hand painted details, the shapes and the contrast in textures on joined pieces. All in all very beautiful.