michelle kingdom

Um, how have I never written about Los Angeles based artist Michelle Kingdom before?! Well, as of this moment I’ve corrected the error of my ways. I absolutely love it when artists use materials traditionally considered a “craft material”, for fine art purposes instead… I also happen to love artists with this kind of skill! Here is part of Michelle’s artist statement that touches on the use of embroidery in her work:

“Decidedly small in scale, the scenes are densely embroidered into compressed compositions. While the work acknowledges the luster and lineage inherent in needlework, I use thread as a sketching tool in order to simultaneously honor and undermine this tradition. Beauty parallels melancholy, as conventional stitches acquiesce to the fragile and expressive.”

Love. Happy Friday.

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  1. Ana /// 09.22.2017 /// 7:06am

    I’m… strangely touched by these.

  2. Michelle Kingdom /// 09.22.2017 /// 7:22am

    Oh my goodness, although I have followed you on instagram for a while I just discovered your website and especially your brilliant podcasts this week! After listening and catching up all morning yesterday, I eagerly popped over here today to see the daily pick was completely surprised to see my work – thank you so much! I really love what you do and am honored to be posted alongside so many talented artists on your site. You’re awesome and I’m hooked❤️ All the best, Michelle

  3. the jealous curator /// 09.22.2017 /// 7:43am

    Hahaha! That is hilarious, Michelle! I think you and I just had a very similar experience ; ) (so happy that we’ve discovered each other… finally!)

  4. sandra /// 09.22.2017 /// 8:31pm


  5. Dan Levin /// 09.23.2017 /// 2:21pm

    Ms. Kingdom’s work rocks!

  6. Crystal Foth /// 09.24.2017 /// 9:36pm

    So happy to see my lovely friend Michelle featured here. Her embroidered stories are truly amazing!!!

  7. Jessica /// 09.27.2017 /// 1:28am

    Michelle Kingdom is such a superstar, love everything she makes!!

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