music + art = love (and a giveaway!)

And the winner is…. Vikky Hammond! Thank you so much to everyone who entered, and don’t worry, more giveaways coming very soon!


What do you get when you cross a newly released album by a band in Nashville, with a cross-stitching artist in Toronto? This:

Ahhh, I love this video … a visual artist in action while musical artists play in the background. Yes, this is Old Dominion‘s new album, “Happy Endings”, and the cross-stitching dynamo who you just saw recreating the cover is Toronto based stitcher Caitlin Sailor {aka Cross-Stitching with Caitlin Workshops}.  The original was designed/stitched by an Alabama based artist named Dawn Sylvester, and to celebrate the international release of the album, Sony Music Canada reached out to Caitlin and asked her to recreate the CD cover as a 12″x12″ {the size of a vinyl album} original piece to be given away to one lucky person… see where this is going? Yep, they asked me to give this gorgeous original to one of you! This framed beauty AND a “Happy Endings” CD is destined to be owned by one of you. I told you… music and art and love all rolled into one! Just leave a comment below and I’ll draw one name on Tuesday October 3rd, 2017 … happy ending, indeed!

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  1. Monika Raciborski /// 09.29.2017 /// 7:07am

    That looks amazing! So homey and cozy! Thanks for sharing, you posts are always a great read!

  2. Nicole Granese /// 09.29.2017 /// 7:09am

    Bigfoot IS real

  3. Kai /// 09.29.2017 /// 7:50am

    2017 has been the year of country music and cross stitching for me – I must win!

  4. Hilda /// 09.29.2017 /// 8:00am

    This is awesome! As someone who has done a lot of cross stitch, I especially love this ❤

  5. Elissa Nesheim /// 09.29.2017 /// 8:10am

    So absolutely fabulous!! I love how they incorporated her working on the album art with the release. So special and well done…

  6. michelle rene /// 09.29.2017 /// 8:10am

    Lovely, lovely! an heirloom piece!

  7. Lesley Bergen /// 09.29.2017 /// 8:12am

    Such a groovy idea for an album/cd cover. And so beautifully stitched. Wonderful workmanship!

  8. Heather /// 09.29.2017 /// 8:34am

    Is there anything cooler than cross stitching?! Caitlin taught me how to cross stitch when I attended one of her first workshops and it would be such a thrill to win this adorable and badass piece!

  9. JEngen /// 09.29.2017 /// 9:00am

    Love seeing embroidery in general being raised up as the art form it deserves!

  10. Elizabeth /// 09.29.2017 /// 9:21am

    As an embroiderist my heart sings that an album cover is not only promoting some lovely countrymusic but also the love for swinging ones needle and creating something special.

  11. bruna /// 09.29.2017 /// 9:28am

    pick me! pick me!

    pretty please???


  12. Lauly /// 09.29.2017 /// 9:52am

    Gorgeous ❤️❣️❤️artwork.Living close to Nashville and loving its music scene.And the 3rd of October is our22nd wedding anniversary.I wish us luck ❤️. And THANK YOU for such a great giveaway ❤️

  13. Maren /// 09.29.2017 /// 9:55am

    Art + music = perfect combo!

  14. Nicole /// 09.29.2017 /// 10:27am

    I love this. Makes me feel homesick for Canada, especially because autumn is so beautiful there. Canada, cross-stitch, AND music. At the very least I now have a new band and new artist to check out! Win-win!

  15. Laura /// 09.29.2017 /// 10:29am

    I love this! Heading to Nashville over thanksgiving… maybe I’ll get to hear old dominion live! ❣️

  16. Michelle /// 09.29.2017 /// 10:37am

    This is very cool!✨

  17. Danielle /// 09.29.2017 /// 11:14am

    This is so cool! There should totally be more collars like this. PS My husband would die if I won this… his favorite country guys.

  18. Danielle /// 09.29.2017 /// 11:15am

    That was supposed to be collaborations… ‍♀️

  19. Erica /// 09.29.2017 /// 11:44am

    Super-cool cross-stitch and song!

  20. Mandy /// 09.29.2017 /// 11:45am

    I work on the music industry (photographer) and this is by far the most creative and inspiring piece of music-related art I’ve seen in a long time (or ever!). Caitlin has me thinking about embroidery in ways I’ve never before considered. Thank you for sharing – and for the opportunity to add this album cover to my music / art collection.

  21. Laura S /// 09.29.2017 /// 11:58am

    This is delightful, cross-stitch and music, perfect!!

  22. Alanna Chambers /// 09.29.2017 /// 12:18pm

    I LOVE Old Dominion! Every since their Meat and Candy cd I have listened to them practically everyday! Love their new cd Happy Endings!! When I first seen their cd cover I couldn’t believe it because it was done in cross stitch! I love to cross stitch too, but havent had time lately to do my fav hobby. I would LOVE to win this beautiful piece of art ! Caitlin you made it perfect!!

  23. Lisa /// 09.29.2017 /// 3:38pm

    So cute!!! Love it!

  24. Madison Hickey /// 09.29.2017 /// 3:39pm

    This is so cool you are an amazing artist just like old dominion it would be an honor for me to have this thank you for giving us the opportunity to win it

  25. Sara M. Ramaker /// 09.29.2017 /// 3:40pm

    Such a great band, album, and album cover! Love this!

  26. Sarah W. /// 09.29.2017 /// 3:40pm

    This is absolutely amazing!!!

  27. Kelci Gilot /// 09.29.2017 /// 3:43pm

    It’s a beautiful piece to accompany an amazing album! Great work Caitlin! Nothing less for my favorite band!

  28. SaraJane McDonald /// 09.29.2017 /// 3:46pm

    Wow! You are so talented. Love the re-created album cover. Love Old Domion! -Lexington, VA

  29. Paula OBrien /// 09.29.2017 /// 3:48pm

    Aw, that’s gorgeous! Your talent makes me want to cry. It’s obvious you recreated the album cover with a lot of love & it should be passed along to someone who will cherish it – that’s me! It’ll look GREAT on my mantle next to my OD guitar pick. Love our band so much!. ❤️

  30. Taryn Gladstone /// 09.29.2017 /// 3:49pm

    Love this!! Cross-stitching used to be one of my hobbies! I seriously need to get back into it. This is beautiful!

  31. June L. Brady /// 09.29.2017 /// 4:12pm

    Caitlin, love your work! I once was an avid cross-stitcher, but I lost the passion somewhere along the way. I agree on the structure of the art, love. Would be an honor to win this piece of art in celebration of ODs fabulous work of art #HappyEndings!❤️

    Fingers crossed.


  32. Katilyn Clifford /// 09.29.2017 /// 4:17pm

    This would be the best thing in my Old Dominion collection I’m in love!

  33. Rose Klimmek /// 09.29.2017 /// 4:18pm

    Caitlin that’s amazing.well done! 🙂

  34. Gillian M /// 09.29.2017 /// 4:24pm

    This is amazing! Caitlin is a very talented gal 🙂 and I love me some Old Dominion..!!!

  35. Jenny Galanos /// 09.29.2017 /// 4:27pm

    Such an awesome piece of art! I love seeing the music from Old Domion come to life in this sampler! Well done!!

  36. Brittney Rodgers /// 09.29.2017 /// 4:41pm

    This is amazing! I love these guys and all they do. Fantastic artists, song writer, and people. I remember when no one knew who they were and I still thought they were brilliant. Glad the rest of the world is catching up 😉

  37. Timothy M /// 09.29.2017 /// 4:42pm

    What an amazing piece of art! I love how you were able to bring Old Dominion’s songs to life! Old Dominion is my favorite band and I am so thankful you were able to create this art to seamlessly complement their music!

  38. Gary Stiles /// 09.29.2017 /// 4:43pm


  39. Tricia /// 09.29.2017 /// 4:50pm

    I love love love this!!! I am hoping to one day to be as talented as you!!! I have only been cross stitching for 2 years!! Cross stitching is my relaxing time and gives me such pleasure when it is completed!! Old Dominion is from my home state, my county even from my high school!!! Two things I love in one shot…cross stitch and Old Dominion!!!

  40. Alyssa /// 09.29.2017 /// 5:30pm

    Your work is incredible! Crossing my fingers to win this gorgeous piece!!

  41. Leah /// 09.29.2017 /// 5:37pm

    Love this!!! ❤️

  42. Shannon /// 09.29.2017 /// 6:06pm

    This.Is.Awesome. Seeing them on Wednesday for an album release party and would LOVE to win this. Thanks for the opportunity! 🙂

  43. Vanja /// 09.29.2017 /// 6:40pm

    Music + cross-stitching = super cool and cute combination 😉 actually makes me think how would some other cd covers look in the cross-stitching version.
    Thanx for sharing and for a give away.

  44. Mayra /// 09.29.2017 /// 7:07pm

    Love your blog and podcast!!! ❤️ I hope I win!

  45. Rebecca /// 09.29.2017 /// 7:14pm

    This is amazing! Being a graphic designer I can understand how much effort probably went into their album design cover and the fact that you took the time to figure out how to recreate it is amazing t me. There is so much little detail in this piece of art and you nailed it! From top to bottom! I’ve been following old dominion since their first song came on xm and I’ve now seen them three times, follow them on every form of social media and all I can say about them is their just amazing with their music they have an ability to get the same story across that so many other artist have already done but in such a different way! Such as this album cover who would think to do this? No one else. Amazing work once again !

  46. Issy /// 09.29.2017 /// 7:22pm

    AWESOME CROSS STITCHING! amazing work!

  47. Ashley Griffin /// 09.29.2017 /// 7:38pm

    I LOVE this album!!!!

  48. Amanda A /// 09.29.2017 /// 7:44pm

    This album and this band and this visual artist just make me happy.

  49. Jan /// 09.29.2017 /// 8:11pm

    wonderful music, beautiful art!

  50. Sarah B /// 09.29.2017 /// 9:14pm

    Such talent! ❤️ the cross stitch and the music!

  51. Jennifer Walter /// 09.29.2017 /// 9:23pm

    Congratulations to Caitlin for doing such a great job creating this beautiful replica of the album. Of course congratulations to Old Dominion for all of your well deserved praise for a phenomenal album.

  52. Patty M /// 09.29.2017 /// 9:34pm

    Incredible job- beautiful cover but nothing tops the music- love Old Dominion. Here’s to Happy Endings!

  53. Cheryl ford /// 09.29.2017 /// 11:17pm

    Thank you for sharing your talent. I would love to win this and would display it proudly. Thank you

  54. Irene D /// 09.30.2017 /// 12:27am

    What an incredible piece of work!!

  55. Cecile /// 09.30.2017 /// 1:48am

    This is beautiful! What a great idea!

  56. Sylvia /// 09.30.2017 /// 2:21am

    What a great marriage of craft and music!

  57. Victoria /// 09.30.2017 /// 2:27am

    BEST CREATIVE ALBUM ART IVE EVER SEEN. I am a tattoo artist in Ontario who adores country music especially Old Dominion and got the opportunity to see them in Hamilton by far most awesome concert I’ve been to and would love to hang this in my art room! Beautiful piece of art so in love with it!!!!

  58. Liz Lantz /// 09.30.2017 /// 4:14am

    What an amazing piece of work; so fun to combine music and art in this way. And also so nice for them to do a giveaway!

  59. gillian cott /// 09.30.2017 /// 4:21am

    this is absolutely beautiful!!!

  60. Angie /// 09.30.2017 /// 4:50am

    Awesome! Can you share the pattern too?

  61. RoyThompson /// 09.30.2017 /// 5:32am

    Cross-stitch is Cool! Preserve this art form. Thank you for sharing!

  62. Bree /// 09.30.2017 /// 6:01am

    Absolutely awesome, on all counts. Love the yetis!!!

  63. Alyssa /// 09.30.2017 /// 6:15am

    That is so awesome! Can’t beat old dominion they are a great band. Got to see them in concert and fell in love even more! You are really great at what you do keep it up!

  64. Brandi /// 09.30.2017 /// 6:32am

    Music, art and embroidery all rolled into one! I love it!

  65. Becca Jane /// 09.30.2017 /// 6:43am

    Love this and Old Dominion!

  66. jeanne /// 09.30.2017 /// 6:47am

    from one stitcher to another ‘Great Job Caitlin!’ your work is beautiful.
    keep on stitchin’

  67. Lauren /// 09.30.2017 /// 6:49am

    LOVE this band and this artwork!

  68. Holly /// 09.30.2017 /// 6:50am

    Caitlin you and Old Dominion are amazing artists!

  69. Jennifer /// 09.30.2017 /// 7:01am

    This is a fabulous collaboration! I Love it!

  70. Nat /// 09.30.2017 /// 7:03am

    I love this idea – gorgeous work and so cool to see embroidery on an album cover!

  71. RachaelC /// 09.30.2017 /// 7:05am

    But, I also need the pattern.

  72. Alex keim /// 09.30.2017 /// 7:17am

    OMG! This is beautiful. X stitch + music does indeed = ❤️

  73. Samantha Liedtke /// 09.30.2017 /// 8:58am

    That is amazing! Good work! Love Old Dominion.

  74. Hadley Thomas /// 09.30.2017 /// 10:00am

    I love this!!! My mom would love this too!!! So much talent, thank goodness for people like you

  75. Grace W - Saskatoon /// 09.30.2017 /// 10:05am

    This looks amazing! What a work of art!

  76. Kelly Young /// 09.30.2017 /// 10:51am

    Fantastic! Love Old Dominion and tahst needle point. Haven’t done it myself in awhile and truly appreciate the time and effort! I hope I win!!

  77. Gillian K /// 09.30.2017 /// 10:54am

    That looks great!! Even if I don’t win I would love the pattern!!

  78. Kelly /// 09.30.2017 /// 1:22pm

    This is awesome!!!

  79. Jessica LH /// 09.30.2017 /// 3:28pm

    So cool and lovely!

    I’m jealous 😉

  80. James Harvie /// 09.30.2017 /// 5:48pm

    This is so awesome. Great work!

  81. Sam Tracey /// 09.30.2017 /// 7:10pm

    So cool!! Such a great album!

  82. Angela /// 09.30.2017 /// 9:42pm

    Thanks for sharing such a amazing/unique piece of art. All those details! Love!

  83. Stacey Cooper /// 10.01.2017 /// 7:22am

    I love Old Dominion and how unique they are. Which shows perfectly in this cross-stitch!! Amazing work!!

  84. Kerensa /// 10.01.2017 /// 7:45am

    What a cool story about the album art! Love that someone at Sony reached out to Sailor to make this happen 🙂

  85. elly /// 10.01.2017 /// 8:48am

    So beautiful and homey. I want one.

  86. Angela /// 10.01.2017 /// 9:01am

    So flipping cute!!!!

  87. Donna schaarschmidt /// 10.01.2017 /// 11:19am

    I am entering to win this cross stitch album cover beautiful work

  88. Sofia /// 10.01.2017 /// 12:49pm

    This is amazing, gotta love when different branches of art mix together to create something beautiful.

  89. Catie /// 10.01.2017 /// 2:13pm


  90. Julia Young /// 10.01.2017 /// 2:38pm

    Every time you post something traditionally considered more “folk” or a “craft” and it’s made into beautiful art I get walk to my Philosophy of Aesthetics class with more of a spring in my step. Thank you for that. 🙂

  91. Fátima Herrera /// 10.02.2017 /// 1:32am

    Me encanta todo el arte textil, el punto de cruz es desesperante pequeña una fuente de creatividad y alegría. Un trabajo impecable!! saludos

  92. Laurie /// 10.02.2017 /// 6:43am

    Great work!!! Great album! Happy Endings for all!! ❤️

  93. June Black /// 10.02.2017 /// 7:18am

    Absolutely gorgeous!!!

  94. Erin /// 10.02.2017 /// 7:43am

    Wow! Love the art!! Definitely giving Caitlin’s website a look-see today!!

  95. Lindsey /// 10.02.2017 /// 10:02am

    Love this collaboration!! Such a wonderful outcome and such a fun give away! Thank you!!

  96. Jeannette /// 10.02.2017 /// 10:26am

    Adorable! I would love to stitch this!!

  97. Beth Ann Seccia /// 10.02.2017 /// 2:38pm

    Beautiful work! Would love to win this!

  98. Maureen /// 10.02.2017 /// 3:17pm

    Wow – love it!

  99. Beverly /// 10.03.2017 /// 2:02am

    Would love to win so I could hang it next to some of my other prized Old Dominion items!

  100. Regina /// 10.03.2017 /// 5:52am

    Wow! This is so impressive!

  101. Elizabeth /// 10.03.2017 /// 6:54am

    Love this!! My Grammy loves to cross stitch and I have always believed it wasn’t celebrated more as an art form is because it’s done primarily by women. THAT is art!!

  102. Alexis greer /// 10.03.2017 /// 7:09pm

    Has the winner already been drawn? This is amazing!

  103. Sarah St. Laurent /// 10.03.2017 /// 8:47pm

    This is super cool! Pretty please, pick me.

  104. Deborah Bartoli /// 10.11.2017 /// 1:02pm

    This is just beautiful!!! I used to cross stitch all the time ❤️ I need to get back to it….peace

  105. Deborah Bartoli /// 10.11.2017 /// 1:03pm

    Love ❤️ Love ❤️Love this!!!!!!

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