laura wood

Oh! Dreamy oil paintings of even dreamier chandeliers and their magical light. This is just one series by Toronto based painter Laura Wood. She also paints gaussy cityscapes, swans, sunlight filtered through tree branches, and lost memories… but these chandeliers … well, need I say more? Beautiful.

comments (4)

  1. Beth McBride /// 10.10.2017 /// 6:16am

    yes, very dreamy and romantic. lovely

  2. postexposure /// 10.10.2017 /// 3:10pm

    Wow, I thought these were spray-gun, until I read you’re description…they’re oils. Lots and lots of blending!

  3. Erin Mahar /// 10.10.2017 /// 4:37pm

    These are stunning! Thank you for spotlighting them.

  4. Nikkie /// 10.14.2017 /// 9:55pm

    oooooooh pretty!