lisa congdon, a glorious freedom, AND a giveaway!

Thank you so much to everyone who entered! The winner of this lovely book is …. PAMELA HASTINGS! If you’re not Pamela, no worries, I have lots of other amazing give aways coming up in the next couple of months!


Well, she’s done it again. A gorgeous, inspiring, wisdom-filled book has just been released by artist, illustrator, and author Lisa Congdon! It’s titled, “A Glorious Freedom – Older Women Leading Extraordinary Lives”, and it is exactly that! Quotes, interviews, illustrations all celebrating the lives of some very awe-inspiring women. Here’s the gist:

“The glory of growing older is the freedom to be more truly ourselves—with age we gain the liberty to pursue bold new endeavors and worry less about what other people think. In this richly illustrated volume, bestselling author and artist Lisa Congdon explores the power of women over the age of forty who are thriving and living life on their own terms. Profiles, interviews, and essays from women—including Vera Wang, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Julia Child, Cheryl Strayed, and many more—who’ve found creative fulfillment and accomplished great things in the second half of their lives are lavishly illustrated and hand-lettered in Congdon’s signature style.” ~ Chronicle Books

This beauty is now on shelves, and it just so happens that I have ONE to give away to ONE of you! Please leave a comment below and I’ll draw one winner on Monday October 16th, 2017. Good luck! ps. Here is Lisa’s upcoming West Coast book tour schedule if you’d like to have your book signed/meet her:

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  1. Ana Thomson /// 10.13.2017 /// 3:59am

    I’m looking forward to reading these quotes. It seems like an inspiring book.

  2. Lori Plyler /// 10.13.2017 /// 4:34am

    LOVE Lisa Congdon! Thanks for your wonderfully inspiring blog and for the chance to win this new book.

  3. leigh hannan /// 10.13.2017 /// 4:48am

    this is right up my 47-year-old-alley! 🙂

  4. Susan Robison /// 10.13.2017 /// 5:12am

    What a marvelous book! I would love to own a copy.

  5. simone /// 10.13.2017 /// 5:34am

    Beautiful! Can’t wait!

  6. Jane E. /// 10.13.2017 /// 6:12am

    Fabulous….inspiring….love.Lisa’s work !!!

  7. Susan M /// 10.13.2017 /// 6:27am

    Oh my this looks amazing! Thanks so much for sharing.

  8. Sarah Atlee /// 10.13.2017 /// 6:42am

    I’m definitely giving this to my Mom for xmas.. would love to tell her I won my copy! I think this is a worthy and beautiful project, thanks for helping to spread the word.

  9. Patti Normand /// 10.13.2017 /// 6:48am

    What am amazing looking book and a wonderful idea. We all get older and that should be something that is honoured and celebrated.

  10. Pamela Hastings /// 10.13.2017 /// 6:57am

    I am 70, learning computer graphics, and working on getting all my paper books into Amazon print on demand and Kindle. Now that I’m retired from health care, it’s All Art, All the time! It’s inspiring to see other women doing the same.

  11. Antoine Imhoff /// 10.13.2017 /// 7:08am

    It seems to be an amazing book: the first picture I saw what about criticsm and it made me smile. It simply has good vibrations and simple philosophy.

  12. Erin Shigaki /// 10.13.2017 /// 7:15am

    Thanks for all the wonderful people and art you share!

  13. Kimberly Santini /// 10.13.2017 /// 7:58am

    OHHH – this looks so inspirational!! I can’t wait to read it and be inspired by the design as well as the extraordinary women!

  14. Katie /// 10.13.2017 /// 8:13am

    What a fantastic book. Winner or not, I’ll be buying this for the fabulous women in my life.

  15. kathy /// 10.13.2017 /// 9:01am

    It looks like a really beautiful book and resonates so much at the moment, as I’m working with a group of carers mostly made up of women. They are discovering their creativity and seeing glimmers of the illusive mojo!

  16. Bella /// 10.13.2017 /// 9:08am

    Ah I love Lisa Congdon! Thank you so much for sharing – it looks like a fantastic read.

  17. Janet Burns /// 10.13.2017 /// 9:18am

    Been following her for years. Her blog is still at the top of my list, and I go there everyday. I am an older woman. Don’t know if I live an extraordinary life, but still striving to.

  18. Kerry /// 10.13.2017 /// 9:19am

    I want to give this book to every important woman in my life! So much to learn from our elders, so much value in experience. This looks like a beautiful collection and I look forward to exploring it.

  19. Caroline Létourneau /// 10.13.2017 /// 9:28am

    Wow! I have been swooning over the illustrations Lisa made since the beginning of her book ( on Instagram) and I would so love to get a copy! Plus my painting series is about empowering women…how inspiring it would be

  20. Katja /// 10.13.2017 /// 9:31am

    Wow such a book!

  21. Kathryn Fullerton /// 10.13.2017 /// 9:32am

    I wish I could have one to all the women in my life.

  22. Andrea Pipas /// 10.13.2017 /// 9:33am

    I love Lisa Congdon! I can’t wait to have this book! Thank you for the giveaway!

  23. Sam /// 10.13.2017 /// 9:33am

    Ohhh beautiful! I would love this!

  24. Wendy /// 10.13.2017 /// 9:34am

    Lisa, thank you for this generous offer and for your dedication to sharing art with all of us. Kind regards, Wendy

  25. Marian Naik /// 10.13.2017 /// 9:35am

    I’d love to have this book. I tell ya, turning 60, was quite the eye opener. I thought I’d be 35 for the rest of my life. <3

  26. Mackenzie Reynolds /// 10.13.2017 /// 9:39am

    I just turned 30 but I am working towards being an older women leading an extraordinary life. This book looks beautiful!

  27. Wendy Dooldeniya /// 10.13.2017 /// 9:40am

    Feeling like this might be the Secret Life of Walter Mitty for women. Loving it!

  28. Wink /// 10.13.2017 /// 9:50am

    What a wonderful opportunity to win Lisa’s book. Thank you so much Jealous Curator!!

  29. Jackie /// 10.13.2017 /// 10:01am

    I am 54, and feel like I am just getting started! Would love to have Lisa’s inspiring book. I don’t want to stand on the sidelines anymore. I want to get on the field and PLAY!

  30. Marianne Clancy /// 10.13.2017 /// 10:04am

    as an “older woman” and artist not in that order, I truly appreciate that Lisa has made this book. Can’t wait to see and read it. Lovely artist and woman herself!

  31. Bethan /// 10.13.2017 /// 10:10am

    This book looks beautifully inspiring.

  32. Diogo G Montes /// 10.13.2017 /// 10:25am

    Lovely! 🙂

  33. Elizabeth /// 10.13.2017 /// 10:40am

    Thank you Lisa for creating it and thank you Danielle for this give-away. This book is one I truly need to have and so my Christmas-wishlist has become a little longer …. THANKS!

    Have a great weekend everybody .. 🙂

  34. alyn /// 10.13.2017 /// 10:49am

    this is looks like a beautiful book,looking forward to getting a copy. I am trying to negotiate turning 60, and figuring out what that means for me.

  35. Allison /// 10.13.2017 /// 10:58am

    I’m fifty-one today, and this is calling my name. Thank you for letting me know it exists!

  36. Barbara McCarthy /// 10.13.2017 /// 11:03am

    I would love to read this book!

  37. Deeya Bain /// 10.13.2017 /// 11:07am

    Getting older is a blessing and this book reflects perspective and wisdom of that journey!

  38. Carolyn McCarthy /// 10.13.2017 /// 11:07am

    Thanks for inspiring me with beauty every day. Your commitment to creative women of all ages means the world.

  39. Sara /// 10.13.2017 /// 11:14am

    This would be the perfect bland of me, an artist, and my mom, an awesome older woman trying to lead at least a life she can be proud of. This book has immediately gone on my Xmas list to give to my mom!

  40. kate winifred /// 10.13.2017 /// 11:22am

    I can’t believe how talented she is. Her touch is so lovely and gentle I love her.

  41. Therese /// 10.13.2017 /// 11:27am

    So beautiful, so fabolous. Such a talented, admirable illustrator!

  42. Diana Castro /// 10.13.2017 /// 11:34am

    I’d love to have it. It was so mind-changing to me the first time I saw a woman not getting told what was going to become of her life by the standards of age.
    i don’t know if everyone has this fear of life being just too short, I believe we all have it at some degree, but I had such a fear that life would be ove as soon as I’d turn 40 where there was this silent rule that you have to refrain from everything youthful, from change and strating over and being sexy and living to what your mind wants at the moment, that freedom, it would all be restricted. And the first time I saw her… an elderly woman dressed in jeans and a white simple top, dancing at a bar with her eyes closed, with such easiness, being beautiful and amazing, life just got so much bigger and filled with possibilities. It was like a sentence had been revoked.

    I’m an illustrator myself but with this book I become also, a jealous curator.
    I dont know if this is going to be a random selection, but I’m putting all my energy on bithday’s luck to help me out on this one, though it would have to come early since it’s on the 17th haha.

    Thank you, Danielle, for showing it to us.

  43. Ria geerdink /// 10.13.2017 /// 11:36am

    Inspirational and gorgeous illustrated! Hope that I can order one in The Netherlands?

  44. Ngaio Blackwood /// 10.13.2017 /// 11:43am

    This book looks so beautiful. I can’t wait to read it and celebrate these women.

  45. Kimberly Kahoot /// 10.13.2017 /// 11:46am

    WOW! Lovely work.. Looking forward to seeing her at Powells on the 16th.

  46. tinyWOOLF /// 10.13.2017 /// 11:46am

    Wonderful opportunity! Thxs. Much love, Nadine

  47. Anna Rolin /// 10.13.2017 /// 11:54am

    Oh my how beautiful. I love the look of this book.

  48. Cristina /// 10.13.2017 /// 12:09pm

    What a gem! I think I know what to give my friends and my daughters. It’s so inspiring!

  49. Nan Kolinski /// 10.13.2017 /// 12:17pm

    I can’t agree more; aging IS a glorious freedom!!

  50. Aimie /// 10.13.2017 /// 12:19pm

    I am part of said group and definitely trying to live the rest of my life as full of creativity and joy as I can. It’s too bad many of us hold ourselves back when we’re younger out of insecurities or doubts. Can’t wait to read this and what a great gift for girlfriends, too, especially with the holidays approaching!

  51. Cheryl Hansen /// 10.13.2017 /// 12:29pm

    I love books and I love creative art. Oh goody!! It’s all combined in this book. Lucky us!

  52. Rachel Olin /// 10.13.2017 /// 1:32pm

    What stunning illustrations and a fantastic topic!

  53. Leah /// 10.13.2017 /// 1:32pm

    Winner winner chicken dinner.

  54. Monica /// 10.13.2017 /// 1:43pm

    Looking forward to being older and bolder.

  55. Sue McArthur /// 10.13.2017 /// 1:57pm

    I’m 65 and just finished 4 years of photography and now am enrolled in a full time Diploma of Illustration.
    I love Lisa’s work!

  56. Ciele /// 10.13.2017 /// 2:32pm

    Lisa has been a huge inspiration to me for years I’m so excited about this book!

  57. Marla Stills /// 10.13.2017 /// 3:00pm

    Nothing like a smidge of cancer and the specter of my youngest child leaving for college to make me reassess what I’ll be doing going forward. I didn’t pick up a paintbrush until I was 45 years old and when I did it was as if I’d been struck by lightning.

    I’d love to read about other women who have taken leaps of faith and creativity!

  58. Emily /// 10.13.2017 /// 3:09pm

    I could definite use some wisdom and inspiration! and this looks like the most beautiful way to get it!

  59. Meaghan Miller Lopez /// 10.13.2017 /// 3:11pm

    Very excited to read this ❤️ Thanks for covering it and offering the giveaway!

  60. Alison /// 10.13.2017 /// 3:14pm

    This looks fantastic! Even though I don’t feel it I guess I’m verging on being an ‘older’ woman and this looks like an inspiring read.

  61. Orly /// 10.13.2017 /// 3:41pm


  62. Carrie Telford /// 10.13.2017 /// 4:54pm

    A beautiful inspiration!

  63. Gwen Gunter /// 10.13.2017 /// 4:55pm

    Cannot wait to see this beauty in the “flesh”. Would love to be the lucky recipient!

  64. Lisa Derrick /// 10.13.2017 /// 5:20pm

    Wow this book looks wonderful. Lisa Congdon is super inspiring!

  65. Marcia /// 10.13.2017 /// 5:21pm

    Can’t wait to read it.

  66. Kara Rane /// 10.13.2017 /// 6:10pm

    WOW!! Would love to win… If not it’s on my wish list!! Thank You!

  67. Danielle Shaheen /// 10.13.2017 /// 6:35pm

    So strong, graceful, and beautiful. I love it!

  68. Andra Boudreau /// 10.13.2017 /// 6:54pm

    Oh, how I would love to be the lucky winner! I just turned 50, and in all truth, I’ve never randomly won anything – not a single holiday drawing, no lucky numbers pulled from a hat – which makes me think….Is now my time?? Pretty please? 🙂

  69. Sarah Steele /// 10.13.2017 /// 7:38pm

    Oh those illustrations look beautiful! 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win.

  70. Tracy Breyfogle /// 10.13.2017 /// 7:41pm

    This is the book I need to kick me in the pants. I’ve started sketching my new block print ideas
    and showing them to folks but work and life are work and life.
    I’ll buy this book regardless, either for myself
    or for a friend. But, really, this
    is the book I need. So glad it is
    out there.

  71. melanie huttner /// 10.13.2017 /// 8:05pm

    Beautiful illustrations, would love to own this book!

  72. Victoria Lucey /// 10.13.2017 /// 8:30pm

    absolutely gorgeous book!

  73. Julia /// 10.13.2017 /// 8:48pm

    This book is lovely!

  74. Krystel Camilo /// 10.13.2017 /// 9:01pm

    I bought “In the Company of Women” by Grace Bonney last year and I can’t wait to add “A Glorious Freedom – Older Women Leading Extraordinary Lives.” I’m 32 and finally starting to fight for me,
    to be advocate for myself so I can lead my own extraordinary life. This book, hearing from those who are/have paved the way for me puts a smile on my face 🙂 I can’t wait to read it, share it, gift it and travel with it!

  75. Melanie Rydings /// 10.13.2017 /// 10:02pm

    We can learn so much from each other….would love to read this and share with my amazing book club!

  76. Hilda /// 10.13.2017 /// 10:33pm

    A lovely book!

  77. Booboo /// 10.13.2017 /// 11:50pm

    Recently I was starting to feel overwhelmed by the realization of my own aging. Above everything that is scary (look at all those wonderful young people doing everything better and faster and taking jobs and opportunities away from me!) I have this – I don’t give a toss about the others – attitude (attitude unimaginable to me in my 20) and it feels really good.
    I would absolutely love to read this book.

  78. Claudia Kerr /// 10.14.2017 /// 12:35am

    Would absolutely love the chance to win this lovely, inspiring book I am always looking to positive role models to help me through my work and tough times. This feels like another important source of positive energy and beautiful illustration to feel good when reading ✨

  79. Janna /// 10.14.2017 /// 12:48am

    Wow. I’m excited about this book for so many reasons.

  80. Áine Atara MacDermott /// 10.14.2017 /// 1:03am

    This book looks divine! Gorgeous to look at but I’m excited to read it too

  81. Katherine Penney /// 10.14.2017 /// 1:07am

    Not being as young as I used to be, doesn’t seem so bad when there are role models like this women to keep me on track. I’d love to read /see and know more!

  82. knosila /// 10.14.2017 /// 1:23am

    Lisa is an inspiration! Thanks for this feature.

  83. Richa /// 10.14.2017 /// 1:23am

    Thank you for introducing the world to this beautiful book! I’m so excited to read it 🙂

  84. Anne /// 10.14.2017 /// 1:29am

    Turning 40 this year- this book looks just the ticket!

  85. Eva /// 10.14.2017 /// 2:09am

    I am looking forward to this! Next march I will become 50 and right now I am working on my portfolio for becoming a portrait photographer next year and finally leave my hated pay job. But right now I do not feel like being an extraordinary person at all, I need to change this. Lisa Congdon’s words and espcially her fantastic illustrations will be a great inspiration on my way! Thanks for this introduction!

  86. Gail /// 10.14.2017 /// 2:09am

    I can’t wait to read this book!

  87. Kathy /// 10.14.2017 /// 2:18am

    Would love to win inspiration is always welcomed.

  88. Clarissa Maskilone /// 10.14.2017 /// 2:33am

    Super LOVE this!

  89. jajoda /// 10.14.2017 /// 2:55am

    Having had to concede I am now an older woman, I would love to know how to live an extraordinary life… 🙂

  90. Jane Moore Houghton /// 10.14.2017 /// 3:23am

    I am a fifty-two-year-old woman who is fighting every day to make a career for herself in art. I am currently enrolled in a local community college (same as my 19-year-old son!) to get a certificate in graphic design so that I can improve my design skills. It feels great to be in classes with young adults who are my children’s ages and feel empowered as someone with life experience and confidence. I have a lot more years to contribute to this world and I’m not tired yet! Lisa Congdon is a big inspiration to me and my art practice and this book would be such a gift to my fighting spirit! Thank you, Danielle, for this opportunity!

  91. Kim /// 10.14.2017 /// 3:38am

    Pick me, pick me!!! I’m 48 and loving it. I’ve finally reached a point in my life where no one gets to tell me who or what I should be. It took a long time for me to feel free and empowered, and I’m looking forward to what the next 48 will bring. I’m really looking forward to reading this book!

  92. Jill /// 10.14.2017 /// 4:37am

    I can think of ten beautiful women who I can’t wait to give this book to! A few are just starting to blaze their own trails, and maybe they will gain confidence—the others want to do something that gives them freedom and fulfillment—they need a little inspiration. Thanks!!

  93. matheus /// 10.14.2017 /// 4:47am

    I saw the beginning of the “sorry, no love till 40” story and now I’m sooo curious

  94. Jennifer /// 10.14.2017 /// 5:03am

    I am a high school art teacher and would love to bring this book into my classroom to share with my students. They study her work every year.

  95. cheryl wilson smith /// 10.14.2017 /// 5:06am

    Thank you for sharing the book and for the opportunity to win rock!

  96. Reset Heunis /// 10.14.2017 /// 5:15am

    Wonderful. Thank you for this article. With or without the book – may we be inspired to try and live extraordinary lives

  97. Kathy J. /// 10.14.2017 /// 5:24am

    Looking forward to reading this inspiring book. Thank you!

  98. Rhonda H H /// 10.14.2017 /// 5:25am

    53 years young and starting all kinds of new projects. This book would be right up my alley!

  99. Judy Hamilton /// 10.14.2017 /// 5:26am

    This looks a feast for the mind and the eye! We all need inspiration and beauty.

  100. Holly /// 10.14.2017 /// 5:26am

    I loved her book Art Inc. can’t wait to check this one out!

  101. Dorothy Siemens /// 10.14.2017 /// 5:29am

    I would love to own a copyof this book – if I don’t win I’ll buy one! As an “older” (whatever the hell that means) woman who restarted my art career a few years ago and have taken up the piano (concert pianist at 70?), I know I will love reading this book!

  102. Julianne /// 10.14.2017 /// 5:30am

    Thank You for the opportunity! The book is inspiring

  103. Laurie Hunka /// 10.14.2017 /// 6:04am

    Absolutely beautiful. I needed to see this book and the breath-taking illustrations within it, today. I’ll be getting a copy. Thank you for sharing.

  104. Stacia /// 10.14.2017 /// 6:04am

    I’d love to read this and absorb all the beautiful art. Thanks for the giveaway!

  105. Cheryl R /// 10.14.2017 /// 6:07am

    What a beauty! What a gift to all of us who are going forth with experience and wisdom in this wild and vibrant world. Yes, I would savor this if I am lucky enough to own it. It looks like gorgeous impsiration. Oh, yes, please!

  106. Stephanie /// 10.14.2017 /// 6:14am

    I love your site and I’m excited to own this book one way or another! It looks amazing and the paintings or illustrations are all gorgeous!

  107. Melanie Fischer /// 10.14.2017 /// 6:14am

    She does beautiful work and looks like a beautiful book. Would love a copy!

  108. Jocelyn /// 10.14.2017 /// 6:29am

    This is a terribly exciting book! As I begin the stage of mid-life, I’m eager for good role models — Lisa is one for me!

  109. Jschmi13 /// 10.14.2017 /// 6:41am

    Totally want to get this book for my mom!!

  110. Kerri Ferrara /// 10.14.2017 /// 7:07am

    I can’t wait to have this book! Lisa’s story and her work is such an inspiration to me and I hope that one day I will be brave enough to follow my creative passions full time by facing my fears about getting older and “running out of time”. (PS Danielle , you’re an inspiration as well ! Congrats for quitting your secure day job !)

  111. jeanne /// 10.14.2017 /// 7:21am

    Isn’t it wonderful to see feminism still in style?
    Beautiful book

  112. Amanda McCauley /// 10.14.2017 /// 7:43am

    Still an avid fan of The Jealous Curator, and yes! a late bloomer as well ! Cant wait to get this book!! All my best, Amanda

  113. Amanda Adendorff /// 10.14.2017 /// 7:44am

    Love the presentation and idea behind this beautiful book, giving honor to women who have gone the distance in love and courage! Cant wait to get a copy in my hands!

  114. Annmarie /// 10.14.2017 /// 7:53am

    Always looking for inspiration as I transition into the next phase of life. This book appears to be a must-have in my arsenal!

  115. Jill Ehlert /// 10.14.2017 /// 8:11am

    I would love to own a copy of this inspirational book. It looks amazing.

  116. Laura Larson /// 10.14.2017 /// 8:18am

    Love that bunny. Thanks for sharing!

  117. Kristina Bailey /// 10.14.2017 /// 8:19am

    Perfect timing for your give away as I’ve approached 40 this year. I would say I was an early bloomer as an artist who has been on a long term hibernation while raising daughters and fostering a teenager. I feel like I’m in a new season of life and ready to reawaken my creativity and start painting and creating again without fear and with a new perspective. Thank you for the giveaway.

  118. Christy /// 10.14.2017 /// 8:30am

    Lisa Congdon is my hero! Very excited to get my hands on a copy of this. Thank you for sharing Danielle!

  119. Amy /// 10.14.2017 /// 8:37am

    I’ve known Glorious Freedom for many years now – love it!

  120. Aimee Knerr /// 10.14.2017 /// 8:39am

    I my goodness! I love Lisa and I want this book. Yay. Love your show!

  121. Diane Wesman /// 10.14.2017 /// 9:00am

    What an inspiration!

  122. Carolyn Kalter /// 10.14.2017 /// 9:39am

    I can’t wait to read this! The artwork/illustrations are amazing and I’m getting it for my two best friends too.

  123. Jessica Molnar /// 10.14.2017 /// 10:29am

    Love Lisa Congdon! What a beautiful and inspiring book. I’m 39 now and each year just gets better and better.

  124. heidi scribner /// 10.14.2017 /// 10:48am

    happy to find out 64 isn’t too late!

  125. Elaine Coombs /// 10.14.2017 /// 11:01am

    Love the ideas and artwork in this book! Thank you for letting us know about it.

  126. Marylinn Kelly /// 10.14.2017 /// 11:04am

    A prize worth winning. I love Lisa Congdon’s work. Her lettering has encouraged me to keep working on my own. This year I turned 72. There is still so much ahead.

  127. Marisa /// 10.14.2017 /// 11:05am

    My 52-year-old self needs this book, please!

  128. amber milburn /// 10.14.2017 /// 11:29am

    Love, love, love!!!

  129. Anne Leblanc /// 10.14.2017 /// 11:48am

    I would just LOOOOVE to own this book!

  130. barb /// 10.14.2017 /// 11:48am

    How wonderful that mature women are being celebrated by Lisa – a really witty, wise woman herself. Looking forward! thank you :)-:)

  131. Ellen O'Neil /// 10.14.2017 /// 12:24pm

    I love Lisa Congdon and would love this book!

  132. Danja Knijnenburg /// 10.14.2017 /// 12:25pm

    Absolutely love this!
    Just graduated art school this year, it was a rough ride, but now I am finding a whole new freedom in my own work. And I feel that I am getting more inspiration when I do what I love and someday I hope to find a “glorious freedom” in my own artwork! But for now I am searching for inspiration and motivation. And you are helping me get motivated a lot with you beautiful blog ✨ Thank you!

  133. Kathleen Inkley /// 10.14.2017 /// 12:26pm

    I love this! And I’ve been listening through your back catalogue of podcasts so I absolutely read this entirely in your voice! Thank you for continuing to inspire us all!

  134. Meredith MacLeod /// 10.14.2017 /// 1:20pm

    Going to her Seattle debut tonight.can’t wait

  135. lauren /// 10.14.2017 /// 2:19pm

    a beautiful way to honor women of a certain age…

  136. niki havekost /// 10.14.2017 /// 5:44pm

    Thank you for sharing this book and all the great art you find!

  137. Cher /// 10.14.2017 /// 5:45pm

    Your blog brings inspiration and motivation, thank you for your vision and creativity. This book was not on my radar, I’m excited to pour over it!

  138. Kathleen Jackson /// 10.14.2017 /// 6:59pm

    Thank you for this lavish living how not ignite your own creativity experience! I would like to take a deep dive into it.

  139. Kathleen Jackson /// 10.14.2017 /// 7:00pm

    Thank you for this real and inspiring guide to lavish living with creativity. I want to take a deep dive into its nourishing waters!

  140. Heather S /// 10.14.2017 /// 10:31pm

    oooh la la! crossing my fingers and toes! cheers!

  141. Cee Benn /// 10.14.2017 /// 11:50pm

    Gorgeous illustrations and a fabulous inspirational topic. This book is so needed in the new consciousness of empowering women. You go girls!

  142. Amanda blunden /// 10.15.2017 /// 12:52am

    I can see this book being one of those that gets passed from friend to friend and getting more and more dog-eared but still retaining it’s beauty and wisdom.

  143. Gail Youster /// 10.15.2017 /// 6:59am

    I’ve liked the Jealous Curator page and have seen some amazing productions, intense and intricate work. Makes my day. Thanks so much.

  144. Daisy /// 10.15.2017 /// 10:50am

    This looks wonderful! I’ll definitely be getting a copy.

  145. Amber /// 10.15.2017 /// 10:50am

    Embarking on a new career at 40 while also juggling work and family life this books resonates with me. My 40ish friends and I are all discovering our deeper selves and I can think of many friends and family I would love to give this book to.

  146. Mia Underwood /// 10.15.2017 /// 1:16pm

    I love love love Lisa Congdon’s work, thanks to you, I have been repinning all the images on Pinterest.
    I absolutely love all your podcasts, I listen to them while I draw in my studio. You have inspired me with so many interesting artists. It has empowered me.
    Thank you!! Mia xxx

  147. Rose Lemonade /// 10.15.2017 /// 1:17pm

    This is a topic true to my heart. I would love to get my hands on a copy!

  148. Clare Scott /// 10.15.2017 /// 1:57pm

    I am an artist in Ireland a a great fan of your work for a while now…I would love a copy of this book…its just gorgeous!

  149. Sarah Rebholz /// 10.15.2017 /// 2:20pm

    What a beautiful preview in just a few images. Would love to see and read more of this lovely book.

  150. Flora /// 10.15.2017 /// 2:33pm

    What a stunning book. Beautiful illustrations. A great post – as usual!

  151. Cindy Cooksey /// 10.15.2017 /// 4:18pm

    Oh, it looks so interesting! I love the illustrations. One way or another, I must have a copy.

  152. Lisa Basini /// 10.15.2017 /// 9:17pm

    Sweet! Can’t wait to see more of what’s inside!

  153. Elizabeth /// 10.16.2017 /// 6:45am

    I just turned 40 and this is exactly what I need!

  154. June /// 10.16.2017 /// 7:08am

    Absolutely gorgeous! Can’t wait to read it!

  155. Debbie /// 10.16.2017 /// 8:30am

    Butterflies and strong women remind me of my mom. I need to get in touch with my strength again.

  156. Deborah /// 10.16.2017 /// 1:54pm

    Inspiring and beautiful and right on time. Thank you for your constant inspiration and teaming up for such a great giveaway!

  157. Roberta Weissman Nagy /// 10.18.2017 /// 10:53pm

    Is there any chance that I can by it from/in Croatia?

  158. the jealous curator /// 10.19.2017 /// 7:29am

    Hi Roberta – probably! Just send Lisa an email:

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