jane denton … and a give-away!

… and the winner is… Ngaio Blackwood! Thanks so much to everyone who entered, and of course thanks to Jane for being so generous!


Ooooh, brand new EMBROIDERY work by New Zealand based artist Jane Denton. Yep, I had to put that in caps so you’d realize this is in fact EMBROIDERY, not graphic prints. I’ve written about her before {and she was on the podcast}, and her colors were much brighter back then. These dreamy, quiet, barely there beauties are my new faves! Now, are you thinking to yourself, “wait, isn’t the first photo in this post the same as the last photo?” Why, yes, yes it is. That’s because Jane would like to give that piece to one of you! Oh Kiwis, they’re so sweet. Just leave a comment below and I’ll select one winner on Monday October 23rd. Good luck, and happy weekend!

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  1. Jackie /// 10.20.2017 /// 5:31am

    Seriously! So good! I tried, once, on a very small scale to do some stitching like this, and it is much harder than it looks. It’s mesmerizing how graphic and smooth her stitches are. Stunningly beautiful!

  2. Meg S /// 10.20.2017 /// 5:34am

    These are lovely! I’m loving the wool ones on her website too – gorgeous!

  3. Beth McBride /// 10.20.2017 /// 6:16am

    Had not idea this was stitching! So lovely, light and minimal. I love the restraint in how simple the designs look at first, but very complex on closer observation.

  4. Sara McD /// 10.20.2017 /// 6:23am

    Stitching? I immediately assumed they were prints. They feel very simple and mindful, a calm spot to rest during the day!

  5. Cussot /// 10.20.2017 /// 7:45am

    Beautiful work – I want to win it just so that I can see it in person and up close!

  6. Amanda B /// 10.20.2017 /// 7:47am

    Oh, these are stunning! I love the idea of minimalist embroidery. Architectural AND feminine. Thank you for sharing!

  7. Kat /// 10.20.2017 /// 7:59am

    So lovely!

  8. Jen /// 10.20.2017 /// 8:07am

    I thought these were very carefully painted watercolors at first! Very pretty and soothing.

  9. Georgia Duran /// 10.20.2017 /// 8:13am

    These are so beautiful and perfect! I am starting to practice some embroidery but I still have many days and hours to get to this!

  10. Amy Chen /// 10.20.2017 /// 8:14am

    Embroidery can be so beautiful. These have a lovely serene yet graphic vibe. I imagine that something that seems so simple is likely very difficult to create.

  11. Holly Tarquinio /// 10.20.2017 /// 8:26am

    Love the simplicity. And embroidered!!! love them even more!

  12. cynthia /// 10.20.2017 /// 8:29am

    Sweet! Time well spent!

  13. Krista /// 10.20.2017 /// 8:33am

    love love love these! So calming!

  14. Yvette Cortes /// 10.20.2017 /// 8:34am

    What lovely work!

  15. Kasey Wanford /// 10.20.2017 /// 8:35am

    I get excited about art with embroidery lately and have been experimenting with it in my own works at times. These pieces are minimal and lovely.

  16. Deepta /// 10.20.2017 /// 8:41am

    So lovely

  17. Brian /// 10.20.2017 /// 8:43am

    Beautiful work AND beautifully presented/framed! I love it!

  18. Tina /// 10.20.2017 /// 8:49am

    Seriously – ahhhhhmaaaaaaaaazing!

  19. Rachel Olin /// 10.20.2017 /// 8:49am

    So stunning! There are times that art should be all bells and whistles and times that it’s should be quiet and contemplative, this is a wonderful example of the latter.

  20. Tina /// 10.20.2017 /// 8:49am

    Seriously?!! Ahhhhhmaaaaazing!!!

  21. Tanya /// 10.20.2017 /// 8:53am

    I would love to have it, it is so beautiful and minimal, I could stare at it all day. A friend of mine is a Kiwi and she is also very good in embroidery, must be in genes. xx

  22. Ginger /// 10.20.2017 /// 8:55am

    Jane’s work is always beautiful. I love the colors in this one.

  23. Rebecca Michelson /// 10.20.2017 /// 8:58am

    Stunning — I love embroidery work and I’ve never seen anything like this!

  24. Amber P /// 10.20.2017 /// 8:59am

    Wow. I love fiber art. I need to start practicing more.

  25. Alex /// 10.20.2017 /// 8:59am

    Geometry is lyfe!

  26. Erin McCluskey Wheeler /// 10.20.2017 /// 9:00am

    I love, love, love this modernist work with thread. Gorgeous.

  27. Carla Jaquess /// 10.20.2017 /// 9:06am

    Just lovely. Hard to believe this is embroidery. I must see it close up! Love it.

  28. Paige Whitney /// 10.20.2017 /// 9:07am

    What lovely embroidery pieces! My father is a graphic designer and my childhood lessons from him of less is more feel epitomized in this beautiful work. I love that subtlety of the diagonal stripe and elegant design.

  29. Andra Boudreau /// 10.20.2017 /// 9:07am

    Beautiful work! I love the intricicy and simplicity! (Pick me! Pick me!) 🙂

  30. Marianne /// 10.20.2017 /// 9:08am

    I would really love this on mye wall!!! Art at home is everything. This embroidery remainds me of the ocean, air, calm and balance <3

  31. Sandra /// 10.20.2017 /// 9:12am

    Absolutely stunning work! In love!

  32. Kaitlin F /// 10.20.2017 /// 9:14am

    Very neat! I had to look closely at her other works on her website to understand how how the stiches could look so even!

  33. Carolyn /// 10.20.2017 /// 9:16am

    So beautiful! I can’t imagine the precision it must take to make these! The colours and shapes are perfect

  34. David /// 10.20.2017 /// 9:18am

    Fantastic Jane! I love your work. Very inspirational.

  35. Taylor /// 10.20.2017 /// 9:18am

    A few inspiring thoughts that this work has brought up: These few lines can create a 3 dimensional space. One of them looks like a road, another looks like the corner of a room. What is it about simple patterns that are so satisfying to view? I wonder how it looks different in person, and what the texture looks like. I wonder what would be different about it if it had been printed instead of embroidered. Is this cardstock? I should listen to the podcast.

  36. Beth /// 10.20.2017 /// 9:23am

    Absolutely stunning!

  37. Garrett /// 10.20.2017 /// 9:23am

    Love these pieces! These inspire me to want to learn embroidery!

  38. Wendy Mayo /// 10.20.2017 /// 9:23am

    Beautiful. I would be so proud to hang this on my wall!

  39. Beth /// 10.20.2017 /// 9:23am

    Absolutely stunning!!

  40. Leah /// 10.20.2017 /// 9:25am

    Stunning, Serene and So so beautiful!

  41. Ross /// 10.20.2017 /// 9:30am

    This would make a great addition to our little collection of art

  42. Ellen /// 10.20.2017 /// 9:37am

    These are amazing! I would love to see them up close.

  43. Elissa Nesheim /// 10.20.2017 /// 9:37am

    Absolutely gorgeous! Lovely work and so calm and peaceful. Definitely what is needed in the world today!

  44. Andrea Pipas /// 10.20.2017 /// 9:41am

    I love her work!

  45. Christine /// 10.20.2017 /// 9:49am

    These are so lovely! The patience required!

  46. Gerrie Congdon /// 10.20.2017 /// 9:49am

    Since hand embroidery informs much of my work, I would love to have one of these pieces. They are phenomonal.

  47. emily /// 10.20.2017 /// 9:51am

    these are extraordinary!!!

  48. Alex Norby /// 10.20.2017 /// 9:53am

    These are so lovely. I would love to use this as inspiration for a group I lead with middle school girls!

  49. Michele /// 10.20.2017 /// 10:01am

    I’m in love with all of her work!

  50. Patricia Foottit /// 10.20.2017 /// 10:02am

    I have done many types of needlework, but never anything as creative as these. Just amazing work. I would love to win this very generous gift.

  51. Liz /// 10.20.2017 /// 10:08am

    I’ve been in love with Jane’s work for years. Would be amazing to own one (and loving the new color pallet)>

  52. S Adams /// 10.20.2017 /// 10:09am

    Beautiful, calming, soothing, just like the ocean.

  53. rebecca l /// 10.20.2017 /// 10:18am


  54. Megan /// 10.20.2017 /// 10:22am

    What lovely work!

  55. Wren /// 10.20.2017 /// 10:23am


  56. Aly /// 10.20.2017 /// 10:24am

    I can’t believe it’s embroidered!

  57. Anabeth Bostrup /// 10.20.2017 /// 10:26am

    Absolutely gorgeous!

  58. Carolyn McCarthy /// 10.20.2017 /// 10:28am

    Delicate, elegant beauty. Would be perfect in our new home!

  59. sonja /// 10.20.2017 /// 10:32am

    1. Absolutely beautiful!!! 2. so sweet of her 3. Such a coincidence cause I’ve been catching up on past episodes and just listened to hers today!!! :o)

  60. Jenny Smellie /// 10.20.2017 /// 10:39am

    I have loved Jane’s work for ages. Would absolutely live to have a piece in my home.

  61. Katrina /// 10.20.2017 /// 10:39am

    So gorgeous!! I love the texture and colours!

  62. Rebecca /// 10.20.2017 /// 10:39am

    Loving this stripey series!

  63. Sara /// 10.20.2017 /// 10:41am

    What beautiful clean lines! Perfect for any room! LOVE

  64. Rachel /// 10.20.2017 /// 10:57am

    Yes gorgeous work! I’ve just started an arts degree and the latest workshop was embroidery which was so absorbing but also so much harder than I thought it would be! Jane Denton is very inspiring 🙂

  65. Kelly /// 10.20.2017 /// 10:58am

    I love Jane’s embroidery! Her work is so clean and refreshing!

  66. Cynthia Brooks /// 10.20.2017 /// 11:02am

    I embroider and went to art school. Didn’t make the mental jump and am very jealous! These are great!
    Love the concept and the precision.

  67. Ditte Inez /// 10.20.2017 /// 11:03am

    So AMAZING!! It’s just beautiful work <3

  68. Holly /// 10.20.2017 /// 11:14am

    I love Jane’s work, thanks for sharing Danielle!

  69. Lauren Marttila /// 10.20.2017 /// 11:20am

    I love Jane’s work!! Hoping to introduce a piece to my home in Nantucket soon!

  70. Esther /// 10.20.2017 /// 11:29am

    Love love love thsee pieces! So calm and dreamy

  71. Ali /// 10.20.2017 /// 11:30am

    So lovely! Thanks for the giveaway.

  72. Cheryl Hansen /// 10.20.2017 /// 11:33am

    Dreamy is a good description for these!

  73. Megan /// 10.20.2017 /// 11:34am

    Oooh, I’ve been following Jane for a few years now and love her work. I’ve been so tempted to purchase a piece (I love Arrows), but other more practical (and boring) expenses keep getting in the way. Her new Blues series is so peaceful and calm. I find it reminiscent of the Pacific Northwest, where I live. Well done Jane!

  74. Nicole Granese /// 10.20.2017 /// 11:35am

    I love how the nontraditional needlework contrasts the clean design. The art would enhance the tranquility in my bedroom.

  75. Clara Duchesneau /// 10.20.2017 /// 11:38am

    Inspiring and amazing! Love her work!

  76. Rachel /// 10.20.2017 /// 11:39am

    Such a beautiful piece of work – her art is just so collectable

  77. Janine Sutton /// 10.20.2017 /// 11:53am

    Janes art work is beautiful, I would love to own one of her pieces on our home!

  78. Sophia Dunkin-Hubby /// 10.20.2017 /// 11:54am

    I love embroidery as a medium. The texture and color gradations are yummy. And these are gorgeous!

  79. Zoe /// 10.20.2017 /// 11:59am

    beautiful! 🙂

  80. Erin Crowell /// 10.20.2017 /// 12:03pm

    I love love love how these works are so graphic and yet so soft, such a great way of pushing textile arts forward. Bravo!

  81. Rosemary Young /// 10.20.2017 /// 12:05pm

    I absolutely love the finely detailed, elegant simplicity of Jane Denton’s work. I would love to be able to enjoy this calm beauty every day! Thanks.

  82. Natalie /// 10.20.2017 /// 12:10pm

    I’ve been a fan for a while!! Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  83. Ashley Corpuel /// 10.20.2017 /// 12:20pm

    Pure bliss. I love the simplicity this piece brings to any space. Love love love.

  84. rossana taormina /// 10.20.2017 /// 12:22pm

    I’m jealous!

  85. Caroline /// 10.20.2017 /// 12:24pm

    I’m an Architecture student and Simplicity of Jane’swork is so inspirational! Less is more!

  86. Emily /// 10.20.2017 /// 12:25pm

    Big fan in GA ❤️

  87. Mindforking /// 10.20.2017 /// 12:25pm

    The horizon, the sea.. shes carefully, meticulously stitching her own soothing calm world together, so beautiful.

  88. Suzie Shaw /// 10.20.2017 /// 12:28pm

    This is work which needs close attention to appreciate the artisan quality and skill required to make a stitched painting

  89. Lucy Roberts /// 10.20.2017 /// 12:30pm

    Jane’s pieces are so unique and I would love to have one in my home. Hoping I could be the lucky one for this giveaway (fingers crossed!).

  90. Caroline's van Deventer /// 10.20.2017 /// 12:31pm

    Her work is so beautiful I would love to have a piece in my home

  91. Tracy /// 10.20.2017 /// 12:31pm

    This makes me so nostalgic in that it reminds me of a more modern version of textile pieces my grandmother used to do. I love how the texture softens the geometric design.

  92. michele longpre /// 10.20.2017 /// 12:34pm

    so beautiful! love the simplicity; yet, the effect is very provocative.

  93. Kathryn Fullerton /// 10.20.2017 /// 12:37pm

    Simply lovely.
    I would love to gift this to my son & his
    bride for their minimalist home. Perfection.

  94. Celeste /// 10.20.2017 /// 12:38pm

    Love these! Wish I had seen her work a few months ago before I curated a show about art exploring the breadth of textiles.

  95. Jacinta Ryan /// 10.20.2017 /// 12:41pm

    Her work is incredible. As a kiwi myself I love to support local artists and would love one of her pieces in my home!!! So great to see a website such as yourself embracing New Zealand artists!!!

  96. Hanna hancock /// 10.20.2017 /// 12:41pm

    Oh wow! Soooo excited for the chance to win one of these beauties. I have been swooning over Jane’s work for a long time now.

  97. Ebony /// 10.20.2017 /// 12:44pm

    Love these! Look amazing in my new home.

  98. Susan Finlay /// 10.20.2017 /// 12:46pm

    What a beautiful piece of art. It would look so good in my house.

  99. Emily Kennedy /// 10.20.2017 /// 1:02pm

    Crisp, graphic and so beautiful. I’ve been in love with Jane’s work for years! It’s brilliant and inspired and so original.

  100. Amber /// 10.20.2017 /// 1:04pm


  101. Veronika /// 10.20.2017 /// 1:08pm
  102. Nora Schuchat /// 10.20.2017 /// 1:11pm

    Such a fan! The delicate, subtle choices in line breaks in her work are superb!

  103. Jen K. /// 10.20.2017 /// 1:34pm

    Love, love, love Jane Denton’s work!!

  104. Lauren /// 10.20.2017 /// 1:40pm

    When I read “I’ve written about her before” I just knew the work you were talking about! I love seeing artists’ work evolve 🙂

  105. Sebastian D. /// 10.20.2017 /// 1:46pm

    So gorgeous!!! I love how they they act as a sort of horizon line and how beautifully the colours compliment each other! Amazing work!!!

  106. Jonathon Hall /// 10.20.2017 /// 1:49pm

    I absolutely love Jane’s work and can’t wait to see it up close and personal some day.

    Having worked in the fashion industry my whole life I have a strong affinity for textiles and natural fibres and to see them used in such a graphic yet painterly way is something I find really exciting. The sense of restraint and incredible attention to detail reminds me of the work of Gordon Walters.

    Keep up the good work Jane!

  107. Clare S /// 10.20.2017 /// 1:52pm

    Incredibly lovely work in stunningly simple patterns and beautifully peaceful colours = perfection

  108. Sally /// 10.20.2017 /// 1:54pm

    Stunning, I’ve long admired Jane’s work.

  109. Kay W /// 10.20.2017 /// 2:02pm

    Gorgeous simplicity and color relationships. Framing fits them so well. ❤️

  110. Cate /// 10.20.2017 /// 2:03pm

    I have just the place for this absolutely beautiful piece!

  111. Sue McArthur /// 10.20.2017 /// 2:11pm

    oh I seriously LOVE them!!!!!!!! so much….
    the new sigh.. to dream for..
    would love to win.. over here in Australia.. beautiful work, my heart skips a beat

  112. Michelle Flook /// 10.20.2017 /// 2:22pm

    I am always amazed by how people make embroidery look so modern and cool! I would love to win this!

  113. Anne Bradley /// 10.20.2017 /// 2:47pm

    I’ve wanted one of her pieces in my home forever. Such beautiful, timeless work.

  114. Michelle de Klerk /// 10.20.2017 /// 2:55pm

    I am a huge fan of Jane’s work and would be so happy to have this piece in my home! xx

  115. Sarah Steele /// 10.20.2017 /// 3:06pm

    LOVE her work!! 🙂

  116. Annie /// 10.20.2017 /// 3:07pm

    Just lovely!

  117. Dominique Mediak-Pirigyi /// 10.20.2017 /// 3:12pm

    I always tell my art students that great art either makes me want to make art or makes me hungry….this makes me both!!

  118. Nirali /// 10.20.2017 /// 3:16pm

    Beauties! This work is so, so good.

  119. Heather Gibbons /// 10.20.2017 /// 3:17pm

    Beautiful work! I just bought your Inner Critic book for my daughter and I. We love it. Thank you!

  120. Courtney Sherman /// 10.20.2017 /// 3:20pm

    I’ve been following Jane on IG for a while now and in love with her creations. Simplicity at its stunning best. Plus yay for Wellington!

  121. Penelope Forlano /// 10.20.2017 /// 3:48pm

    Seductively soothing, soft, subtle, stripy sublimity.

  122. Jane Denton /// 10.20.2017 /// 3:52pm

    WOW! What amazing comments, thank you so much everyone!! I’ll re-read them next time I’m feeling unsure about my work…. Thanks for sharing Danielle xx

  123. Kara /// 10.20.2017 /// 4:06pm

    Swoon! Thanks for sharing this lovely work and incredible opportunity.

  124. Mandy montgomery /// 10.20.2017 /// 4:07pm

    Recently discovering all these wonderful textile artists – Love love love!! ❤️

  125. Barbara /// 10.20.2017 /// 4:36pm

    Pick me!! I adore this piece!

  126. Elizabeth /// 10.20.2017 /// 5:14pm

    Absolutely stunning! Jane’s pieces are always so beautiful! They always add that wow factor to any space.

  127. Molly I /// 10.20.2017 /// 5:23pm

    Big fan!

  128. Nina Johnson /// 10.20.2017 /// 5:48pm

    Jane’s work is new to me, but I’m so drawn to these muted colors. They match my PNW winters (and springs and fall, and a good portion of summer too).

  129. Rachel Sykes /// 10.20.2017 /// 5:48pm

    Lovely designs; simple, yet highly effective.

  130. Maddy /// 10.20.2017 /// 5:53pm

    These pieces are all so soothing! Would be amazing to look at the craftsmanship up close.

  131. Lois /// 10.20.2017 /// 6:17pm

    Sigh these lovely pieces take my breath away. The blue giveaway piece in particular makes me feel like I’m looking out in the ocean. Totally calm and at ease with anything in life.

  132. Kara /// 10.20.2017 /// 6:50pm

    Simply beautiful. My seven year old has recently taken to needle point. How perfect would this be in her room?!

  133. Sarah M /// 10.20.2017 /// 6:57pm

    I follow Jane on insta and always get a feeling of joy when she posts her work! Stunning!

  134. Christeen Faucette /// 10.20.2017 /// 6:57pm

    I absolutely love this! It is gorgeous and I would love to win ❤️

  135. Jordyn R /// 10.20.2017 /// 7:01pm

    Absolutely stunning work. Even just following her Instagram account is a dream, I can’t even imaging having a piece in my home! Love it when a Kiwi makes such waves globally too 🙂

  136. Virginia-Marie Roure /// 10.20.2017 /// 7:10pm

    I seriously thought these were prints! I’m loving the renaissance of fiber once more

  137. Suzanne /// 10.20.2017 /// 7:42pm

    Preppy meets boho meets beachy meets minimalist. I LOVE!

  138. Annie /// 10.20.2017 /// 7:48pm

    Such soothing work—simply beautiful.

  139. Joanna Spurling /// 10.20.2017 /// 7:55pm

    I love Jane’s work. They’re so serene & so beautifully done.

  140. Raina /// 10.20.2017 /// 8:05pm

    Four stripes singing to the tune of my heart.

  141. Amy /// 10.20.2017 /// 8:07pm

    I saw the first (which, of course, is also the last) picture on facebook and followed the link. I’m very glad I did! What lovely work. I like them all, but the piece in question is my favorite.

  142. Laura /// 10.20.2017 /// 8:12pm

    Sew beautiful

  143. L-A /// 10.20.2017 /// 8:37pm

    This makes me want to step up my embroidery game!

  144. Liz /// 10.20.2017 /// 9:11pm

    So gorgeous!!!

  145. Carrie /// 10.20.2017 /// 9:50pm

    I’ve been following Jane’s work for awhile now and would love to have one of her pieces! Thanks for the opportunity! Here’s hoping…

  146. Melanie Rydings /// 10.20.2017 /// 9:55pm

    Beautiful and different. Totally my style!

  147. Renee /// 10.20.2017 /// 10:03pm

    Lovely work! Thanks for this chance!

  148. Kelly /// 10.20.2017 /// 10:10pm

    Love these – so minimal and peaceful. Very Agnes Martin 😉 but with thread!

  149. Matilda Sandelin /// 10.20.2017 /// 10:35pm

    Yes, you are right. The work is soothing and peaceful. I would love to have it close to me.

  150. Susan /// 10.20.2017 /// 10:38pm

    Beautiful and lovely!

  151. Sofie Jensen /// 10.20.2017 /// 11:46pm

    Delicate perfection and oh those stripes <3

  152. Julie /// 10.21.2017 /// 12:31am

    so lovely – minimal + traditional technique = it works! great inspiration

  153. mads berry /// 10.21.2017 /// 12:33am

    Loving Jane’s new muted palate too. Would look great in our bedroom

  154. Carol Y /// 10.21.2017 /// 12:34am

    So lovely and peaceful! I love blues.

  155. Nadia nizamudin /// 10.21.2017 /// 12:36am

    Love this! I listened to your podcast interview and fell in love with Jane’s work and immediately followed her on instagram. Her work is distinct and unique, and I recognized it to be a Jane Denton when I see it, something I always owe to AFYE . As someone who embroiders herself, I am huhely inspired by her simple pieces. I love her barely there colors pieces the most, but all is a beautiful work of art. Thank you Jane fo making such beautiful pieces and Danielle for making all uf us, jealously inspired

  156. Amber F /// 10.21.2017 /// 12:42am

    Really beautiful collection of work! Thanks for opportunity!

  157. Susan /// 10.21.2017 /// 1:18am

    I love to stitch, I embroider and sew needlepoint. It’s a peaceful thing to do. I am so inspired by Jane!
    I could never get these perfect lines. If I won I’ve of your pieces I would give it to my sister, she lives in Wellington too. I saw her for the first time in over 10 years last year but only for 48 hours as I am in the uk. This would be a lovely surprise in time for her birthday. Love and stitches from across the miles……..

  158. Katherine Penney /// 10.21.2017 /// 1:30am

    There is a real calming feeling with this work. It’s a beautiful series. I’d love to see a detail photo – good sign to be left wanting more!

  159. michelle /// 10.21.2017 /// 1:45am

    very nice

  160. Marta Quijano /// 10.21.2017 /// 2:00am

    Great job! It’s amazing that those are embroidery! Wow!

  161. Carla /// 10.21.2017 /// 2:24am

    This work inspires me so much! I love making graphic embroidery work myself. I embroidered for example some of my girls toddler drawings in black or the secret messages my oldest wrote me in a language she invented. Wouldn’t it be amazing to trade one of my works with the work of Jane?!!
    PS: thanks for your lovely blog work!

  162. Adam /// 10.21.2017 /// 3:01am

    I’ve always loved embroidery works, and these are an exceptional addition to the practice. They remind me of some pieces that were included in an exhibition about genderless embroidery work and its influence within the canon. As a guy, who has recently taken from following embroidery on social media to starting my own works, this work would sit proudly on my walls if I win. I’ve recently moved back to Melbourne as well. So in need of some new work. Thank you for bringing my attention to another great artist working with thread.

  163. Nicole /// 10.21.2017 /// 3:07am

    I would LOVE to see one of these up close- so soothing to look at!

  164. Eleanor /// 10.21.2017 /// 3:40am

    This is stunning! It echoes Sol LeWitt’s wall drawings – particularly the more subtle ones in coloured pencil. I would love to see this up close and admire it everyday. Thank you for introducing me to her work!

  165. Eva /// 10.21.2017 /// 3:45am

    I’m loving getting to know new artist (to me!).
    This looks beautiful! I would love to hang this on my wall..

  166. Tracy Breyfogle /// 10.21.2017 /// 4:05am

    Beautiful and powerful in its simplicity. The kind of thing I could gaze at when I need the rest of the world to fall away for a moment.

  167. Marie Coons /// 10.21.2017 /// 4:11am

    How gorgeous and peaceful these pieces are. Reminds me of Agnes Martins work. Love the calm and balanced feeling I get when I look at these embroidered pieces.

  168. Gabi /// 10.21.2017 /// 4:20am

    Such beautiful works, the sharp architectural lines are so perfectly balanced with the femininity of the soft thread. I would love to see this work up close and be able to call it my own.

  169. Levon /// 10.21.2017 /// 4:21am

    Kia ora 🙂 the works are gorgeous!!!… and to be honest, make me a little homesick…I’m a kiwi living in Germany and would absolutely love to have this beautiful work to remind me of home 🙂

  170. Alanna Josie /// 10.21.2017 /// 4:25am

    These are so pristine! Simple, yet intricate; a perfect juxtaposition.

  171. Emily /// 10.21.2017 /// 4:29am

    Wow, her work is incredible! Never seen anything like it. Thanks for sharing it with us!

  172. Catherine /// 10.21.2017 /// 4:35am

    Such beautiful work!

  173. Cara Collins /// 10.21.2017 /// 4:43am

    These are incredible. Definitely unexpected embroidery. Love them!

  174. John /// 10.21.2017 /// 5:32am

    Such inspiration. My mother used to make embroidery sort of like this – a little more old-times, but it reminds me of her.

  175. Jennifer /// 10.21.2017 /// 5:40am

    Simple, elegant, peaceful, stunning!

  176. Jocelyn /// 10.21.2017 /// 5:45am

    These are really beautiful and compelling!

  177. Lydia B-Dupuis /// 10.21.2017 /// 5:59am

    I love it when artists use traditional techniques to make modern (and beautiful!) work of art. I would be thrilled to win it

  178. anne spoon /// 10.21.2017 /// 6:09am

    There is beauty in simplicity!

  179. Amy Morgan /// 10.21.2017 /// 6:26am

    Oh what beautiful work! Such a lovely giveaway

  180. Anika /// 10.21.2017 /// 6:32am

    Intriguing! I would love to see the stitches up close!
    Beautifully minimal work! Thanks for the chance to win this beauty.

  181. Emily Hoerdemann /// 10.21.2017 /// 7:09am

    Love these! ❤️ Thank you so much for sharing

  182. jeanne /// 10.21.2017 /// 7:12am

    Embroidery is not a disappearing art!

  183. Meredith /// 10.21.2017 /// 7:21am

    Yay Jane! I love integrating embroidery into my own paintings and I’m always keeping an eye out for other artists pushing the embroidery envelope, and Jane’s Work is YET ANOTHER example of the expansion of embroidery’s “boundaries” into contemporary art!

  184. Susan M /// 10.21.2017 /// 7:25am

    Amazing! Thanks so much for the chance to win such beautiful art!

  185. Brandi /// 10.21.2017 /// 7:38am

    Oh boy! These are just heaven. So calming to look at.

  186. Claudine M Metrick /// 10.21.2017 /// 7:44am

    These are fantastic! I’d love to find a place for one in our brand new house!

  187. Sarah Coates /// 10.21.2017 /// 7:49am

    Gorgeous! Thank you for exposing us to all these wonderful artists!

  188. Silvia McClure /// 10.21.2017 /// 7:59am

    Jane’s work is fascinating! And I love the simplicity and minimalistic look of her pieces, yet they are made with a “warm” material. I’m a knitter and admire her vision and patience 🙂

  189. Steven williams /// 10.21.2017 /// 8:04am

    I want to live in that room.

    Dada triumphs !

  190. Nykea /// 10.21.2017 /// 8:35am

    Horizon lines and sky colours — feels very prairie, and I love it! Beautiful work!

  191. Carly M /// 10.21.2017 /// 9:10am

    Absolutely remarkable!

  192. Carlos Fentanes /// 10.21.2017 /// 9:18am

    What an splendid minimal work of art.

  193. victoria | milkfed press /// 10.21.2017 /// 9:54am

    DIVINE!! Fingers crossed up here…

  194. Tessa Northridge /// 10.21.2017 /// 11:09am

    I love all of your pieces!! You have an amazing talent and eye. I look to your pieces for inspiration and peace! Thank you already for designing these gorgeous creations.

  195. R Giles /// 10.21.2017 /// 11:13am

    Stunning statement piece. Tapestry is the extent of my sewing capabilities. To own such a piece of embroidered work by a New Zealander such as Jane Denton would be a prized and cherished piece in my home. Keep producing gorgeous work Jane. X

  196. Sarah /// 10.21.2017 /// 11:26am

    I absolutely adore Janes (deceptively) simplistic works of ART! Being a lover of colour, I’ve admired her artworks for years. Am really enjoying seeing her latest, muted colour choices too though. Absolutely stunning! Will be crossing all my fingers to win this beauty!

  197. Anna /// 10.21.2017 /// 12:14pm

    Fascinating and beautiful. They’re so contemplative!

  198. Bea Savellano /// 10.21.2017 /// 1:38pm

    Stitching is my favorite. Gorgeous in its simplicity…

  199. Cindy Rinne /// 10.21.2017 /// 2:17pm

    Elegant and beautiful!

  200. Molly /// 10.21.2017 /// 2:40pm

    Loving the designs and the colors! Amazing work. Thanks for sharing!

  201. Catarina Oliveira /// 10.21.2017 /// 3:03pm

    Beautiful work! Loving the calm palette.

  202. Joanna /// 10.21.2017 /// 3:34pm

    The stark simplicity drew me in and brought tears to my eyes. So simple and simultaneously so complex.

  203. Theresa /// 10.21.2017 /// 7:35pm

    Loving the meticulous stitches and the color choices.

  204. Amy /// 10.21.2017 /// 8:32pm

    Meditative! These are so serene and at the same time crisp and clean. I could get lost in those tranquil lines and texture.

  205. Robyn Henderson /// 10.21.2017 /// 8:39pm

    It’s honestly hard to believe that these are embroidery and not pastels works.. which makes them even more intriguing to view. Tones are beautiful.

  206. Esther S. /// 10.21.2017 /// 9:41pm

    Embroidery??! I’d love to see a close-up of the stitches!

  207. Caroline Spooner /// 10.22.2017 /// 1:11am

    Instantly felt the vibe of talented New Zealanders Marilyn Webb and Milan Mrkusich inspiring and echoing in these works. Nicely done. On ya, Jane.

  208. Steffi O. /// 10.22.2017 /// 4:14am

    Love the minimalism and colours.

  209. Stacia /// 10.22.2017 /// 7:12am

    I’d love to see this up close! I really appreciate texture and craft. Her work is lovely.

  210. Elle /// 10.22.2017 /// 7:29am

    Love embroidery but also love minimalism… basic love of this!!

  211. Matlena Hourula /// 10.22.2017 /// 9:00am

    What a beautiful, calming piece! I love her work!

  212. Jennifer McGowan /// 10.22.2017 /// 9:03am

    Woohoo! I follow her on instagram because of your original feature. Love her unique approach to embroidery.

  213. Shelli /// 10.22.2017 /// 9:09am

    These are beautiful! So quiet and deep. Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  214. Jane Comeault /// 10.22.2017 /// 9:13am

    I love the peaceful look and feel to this work. So beautiful, thank you!

  215. Robin roberts /// 10.22.2017 /// 9:42am

    The art of traditional embroidery handwork combined with a modern aesthetic is quite brilliant!

  216. Melissa Johnson /// 10.22.2017 /// 9:56am

    So gorgeous – thanks so much for showing her work! I missed it the first time around!!! m

  217. Heidi Leech /// 10.22.2017 /// 11:30am

    DO NOT PICK ME because I was lucky and won a few years ago! 🙂 I love Jane’s work and have enjoyed her piece every day! <3

  218. Amelia /// 10.22.2017 /// 11:36am

    Minimalist embroidery? Count me in

  219. carol /// 10.22.2017 /// 11:43am

    like fog on the ocean. beautiful

  220. Ngaio Blackwood /// 10.22.2017 /// 11:51am

    I’d love to be able to support Jane by having her work in my home. Since I’m also a kiwi and an art embroiderer I really appreciate the work she has done and would totally share it on Instagram and shout it to the rooftops when guests arrive. Jane, you are amazing, let’s keep some of your work in New Zealand 🙂

  221. Diane Wesman /// 10.22.2017 /// 12:07pm

    Beautiful. Good thing you said it was embroidery.

  222. Diane Wesman /// 10.22.2017 /// 12:08pm

    These are beautiful. It was wise of you to remind us they are embroidery.

  223. Fleur Peacocke /// 10.22.2017 /// 1:11pm

    Just gorgeous! I love this artwork

  224. Alyssa Pittman /// 10.22.2017 /// 1:18pm

    Love her work! Always beautiful!

  225. Ashley /// 10.22.2017 /// 1:26pm

    Embroidery?! Impressive. Im amazed at the emotions these minimalistic pieces evoke. Thank you for sharing

  226. Erina /// 10.22.2017 /// 1:41pm

    I love Jane’s work and her new range is simply gorgeous. Thank you for the opportunity to enter, this would look amazing in all homes!

  227. Emily /// 10.22.2017 /// 1:49pm

    All of her work is so amazing! Have definitely been thinking of getting a piece of her work

  228. Caroline Spinks /// 10.22.2017 /// 2:05pm

    A massage for the eyes! Simplicity perfected.

  229. Naomi /// 10.22.2017 /// 2:43pm

    Not sure if the piece is supposed to recall the sea but that is what it would bring to my walls in land-locked Kansas…

  230. Shannon /// 10.22.2017 /// 3:56pm

    I would love a piece of Jane Denton art. I find her work inspiring and love seeing modern embroidery, especially pieces as beautiful as this.

  231. Melissa holm /// 10.22.2017 /// 4:18pm

    I have long admired Jane’s work and would love to have one of her amazing pieces in my home!

  232. Betul ozmat /// 10.22.2017 /// 6:28pm

    I started following Jane recently when I discovered her work looking for my own inspiration to start stitching again. I love the modern, minimalist designs and the colors are exceptional.

  233. Brittany /// 10.22.2017 /// 7:02pm

    I am a huge fan of Jane’s work! being a fellow wellingtonion and textile designer I look up to her work and find her modern take on stitching very sphisticated and gorgeous !

  234. Anna /// 10.22.2017 /// 7:42pm

    The colors are so soothing and it’s gorgeous. I’m now definitely a follower of her work!

  235. lou /// 10.22.2017 /// 10:04pm

    I thought they were small painyigs – wow these are wonderful.

  236. Hope St. John /// 10.22.2017 /// 10:16pm

    What a beautiful, soothing piece. I can practically picture it hanging over my desk. I can imagine myself looking up at it after reading through yet another passage of Barthes, Foucault, or Bakhtin or after a especially hard round of revisions on a paper. Graduate students don’t often get the opportunity to own art as extraordinary or unique as Jane’s work. I’d certainly love to be one of the lucky ones that gets to come home and look at it on the wall and not just in a book.

  237. Milly Van Der Hoeven /// 10.22.2017 /// 10:45pm

    Jane’s work is just beautiful, absolutely in love x

  238. Catherine Barrett /// 10.23.2017 /// 2:55am

    I really want to add an embroidery piece in my collection, and all of Jane’s pieces are gorgeous. The blue stripes are my favorite–perfectly simple and soothing!

  239. Rachel /// 10.23.2017 /// 6:20am

    I have been admiring janes work for ages. I truly am inspired by her ability to transform thread into clean, fresh and modern works of art. Just moved into a new apartment- her work’s energy would be the perfect fresh start, and breath of rejuvenation in my life!
    Big fan over here!! ❤️

  240. Axl /// 10.23.2017 /// 6:52am

    I am in stitches over these embroideries. They are beautiful and perfect. Would love to win one and show it to all my friends 🙂

  241. Amy /// 10.23.2017 /// 7:20am

    Hope I’m not too late! These are fascinating!

  242. Janelle Redlaczyk /// 10.23.2017 /// 9:40am

    Beautiful – I need to know more about her process!

  243. rebecca /// 10.23.2017 /// 2:04pm

    Lovely work! Loving the asymmetry of her work.

  244. Karen /// 10.23.2017 /// 8:07pm

    Exquisite stitching – so lovely in it’s simplicity.

  245. Ana Martin /// 11.09.2017 /// 9:57pm

    I am very impressed by this site and really going to share this site to my friends. Thanks for sharing….


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