Terrifyingly beautiful! How have I just discovered the work of Ireland based, um, “ThreadStories”. Ok, so her real name is a bit of a mystery, which is probably the point. Anyone who specializes in making weird and wonderful knitted masks has to love a good secret. Now I just have to play matchmaker between her and Erik Mark Sandberg… THAT would be a gorgeous, creepy, mysterious, ah-mazing collaboration!

ps. all of her work is on her Instagram feed. Careful, you might lose track of time over there.

comments (3)

  1. Sue McArthur /// 11.13.2017 /// 10:54am

    these are beautiful.. thank you for educating me… I have only just started an art course at almost 66, and you are helping me so much exposing me to new inspirational art

  2. Nikkie /// 11.18.2017 /// 9:10am

    this is beautifully terrifying art!
    disturbing and intriguing disguises.

  3. Catherine Jordan /// 12.15.2017 /// 11:37pm

    These works are so haunting, threadstories uses such traditional materials but creates something so surreal and contemporary… you need to do a podcast with this artist, it’s so intriguing what inspires these phantasmagoric creations!

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