yuni kim lang

“Comfort Hair”… Wow. This is the stunning work of Korean born, US based artist Yuni Kim Lang. This gorgeous series is referencing Korean gache, wigs that women of high society used to wear… and the bigger, heavier, and more adorned the better – obviously! Now, I’m sure you’re wondering if this is actual human hair :

[Lang] … creates sculptures, photographs and wearable art that explores themes of weight, mass, accumulation, hair and cultural identity. She creates sculptures out of rope and synthetic materials where it transcends its materiality and become bodily. She is fascinated by what people give power and meaning to, along with our obsession with adornment. 

Ah-ha! It is in fact synthetic rope that she buys from the hardware store and then manipulates until it becomes a braided, shiny, glorious – and unbelievably HEAVY – piece of art. LOVE!

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  1. rossana taormina /// 11.21.2017 /// 3:39am

    It’s very powerful work!

  2. Sue McArthur /// 11.21.2017 /// 12:22pm


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  4. Beth McBride /// 11.22.2017 /// 6:24am

    These are stunning! Especially the one showing 3 generations….the hair all entangled makes me think of all the ways wisdom and tradition are passed down. I just feel like they all say beautiful womanhood and the wisdom of time.

  5. Melanie_jane lLeGuin /// 11.22.2017 /// 6:33pm

    I Can, I will I want, Simply brilliant. 1 for my art room n maybe I’ll share with my students. Ha!

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