heather sundquist

That Bambi sign…    This is the newest painting series {gouache on paper} from American artist Heather Sundquist. It is filled with memories, from being “inspired by old east Austin and all its forgotten splendor … to sweet summer nights … watching sunset wth friends … and good ol’ Broad street, south Philadelphia.”  Ah, sweet sweet nostalgia in the middle of nowhere. Happy Monday.

ps. Heather is currently selling these as 10″x10″ prints, and they’re only $40! Find them in her shop.

comments (4)

  1. Sue McArthur /// 12.04.2017 /// 10:40am

    I love Heather’s work so much, I follow her on instagram and always delighted when I see her work

  2. Heather Sundquist /// 12.04.2017 /// 11:15am

    Thank you so much for sharing my work. I am kind of speechless. This means so much, Danielle. You are such an art hero of mine and I feel so grateful. Anddd… we also have work in a show together… And that makes me also really excited. Thank you for what you do. Your words and experiences have been a huge help in terms of getting and staying in the studio even admits the hiccups. Come visit Austin soon!

  3. the jealous curator /// 12.04.2017 /// 6:15pm

    my pleasure heather! : ) xo

  4. Dana /// 01.04.2018 /// 3:08pm

    I love the nod to hamiltons pool.

    I’ve lost my mind there a few times. On purpose of course.

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