papirmass : give-away x 3!

… and the THREE WINNERS are … Azin Teimoori, Alicia Schultz and Jaqueline Basham! Thank you so much to everyone who entered and huge thanks to Papirmass for this generous give-away! xo


Pass on some creativity… OK! Another Friday, another give away, and this time we have Papirmass to thank. What is Papirmass you ask? Well…

Want beautiful art prints delivered right to your door? Papirmass makes it easy, with a monthly subscription that selects the best in contemporary art & illustration. Subscribe to a surprise and receive a monthly art print paired with real tips from working artists and inspiring creative quotes, all shipped in a beautiful rigid mailer. 

Yep! I get this lovely surprise in my mailbox every month, and now THREE OF YOU could win a year long subscription too… A YEAR LONG SUBSCRIPTION?! I know, I can’t believe it either {thanks Papirmass!} Leave a comment below, and I’ll choose three lucky winners on Monday December 18th. Good luck, and happy weekend!


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  1. Pamela /// 12.15.2017 /// 2:55am

    Creativity is contagious, I’ll definitely pass it on.

  2. John Fidler /// 12.15.2017 /// 3:11am

    A print every month would be a wonderful addition to our fledgling art library in school.

  3. Becca /// 12.15.2017 /// 3:57am

    This is amazing! Might have to ask for this for Christmas if I don’t win!

  4. Erica /// 12.15.2017 /// 4:18am

    Merry Papirmass!

  5. Lauren A /// 12.15.2017 /// 5:10am

    Lovely art AND inspiration to make 2018 the year I get this art out of my head and onto canvas on a more regular basis- perfect!

  6. Emma /// 12.15.2017 /// 5:19am

    Wow, what a wonderful prize. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  7. Jackie /// 12.15.2017 /// 5:26am

    What generous Holiday Spirit!! In the midst of all the ugly things going – on this an oasis of loveliness! Good tidings to all winner or not.

  8. Bee /// 12.15.2017 /// 5:49am

    What an exciting giveaway! Thanks!

  9. Jane E. /// 12.15.2017 /// 5:58am

    Oh Happiness……a beautiful gift !

  10. Nicole Granese /// 12.15.2017 /// 6:07am

    Wow – that would be amazing! I’m checking out the subscription service either way. Thanks!

  11. Laura G. /// 12.15.2017 /// 6:20am

    What a great giveaway! These prints are beautiful!

  12. Dee H /// 12.15.2017 /// 6:36am

    What an exciting giveaway. Such beautiful art

  13. Kelly O'Keefe /// 12.15.2017 /// 6:40am

    This is a great boon of printmaking artists– a great way to get their art into the hands of lots of folks.

  14. Tabitha H. /// 12.15.2017 /// 6:49am

    What a fun idea! And those prints are so beautiful! This would be great since I’m still trying to collect more art for my apartment. And it’d make for great gifts too!

  15. Alexander Jones /// 12.15.2017 /// 7:06am

    Love the prints and such a delightful giveaway.

  16. Courtney G. /// 12.15.2017 /// 7:09am

    I would love to look at new, beautiful works of art each month!

  17. Kelly /// 12.15.2017 /// 7:21am

    Love this!

  18. Geneviève /// 12.15.2017 /// 7:29am

    Masterful selection of artists and artworks. Endless inspiration. Merci Jealous Curator!

  19. Allison /// 12.15.2017 /// 7:31am

    Love this idea! Beautiful prints every month?! I’m in!

  20. Megan /// 12.15.2017 /// 7:50am

    A whole year of prints!?! Yes please!

  21. Marnie Joy Erickson /// 12.15.2017 /// 7:57am

    How lovely! This would be a treat. Thanks for introducing us to them.

  22. Linda /// 12.15.2017 /// 8:00am

    What a beautiful idea to get art in the post. This is wonderful.

  23. Naomi Vona /// 12.15.2017 /// 8:10am

    Fingers crossed!

  24. Kait /// 12.15.2017 /// 8:13am

    What an amazing idea! Fingers crossed for some new art in 2018!

  25. Melinda Rittenhouse /// 12.15.2017 /// 8:13am

    How wonderful! <3

  26. kira /// 12.15.2017 /// 8:14am

    Love Papirmass!

  27. Liz /// 12.15.2017 /// 8:18am

    What fun mail to open every month!

  28. Emily S. /// 12.15.2017 /// 8:18am

    This would be perfect to decorate my new apartment and be inspired!

  29. Veronica /// 12.15.2017 /// 8:18am

    Wow! it could be Christmas all year long!

  30. Liza S A /// 12.15.2017 /// 8:21am

    This would be amazing to get, and I always need more art in my life.

  31. Carrie /// 12.15.2017 /// 8:23am

    What a great idea thank you for sharing it!

  32. Mercedes /// 12.15.2017 /// 8:23am

    This is awesome. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  33. Richa /// 12.15.2017 /// 8:24am

    So so lovely! Thank you for the chance to win these beauties

  34. Nichole Wolz /// 12.15.2017 /// 8:28am

    These are stunning!

  35. Lucy Macfarlane /// 12.15.2017 /// 8:28am

    love their mission and love monthly surprises!

  36. Maggie /// 12.15.2017 /// 8:28am

    Ooh, would love to add to my collection!

  37. Vicki D /// 12.15.2017 /// 8:28am

    Wow wow wow!

    Would love to win this to be able decorate my apartment like an actual adult!

  38. Katharine L. /// 12.15.2017 /// 8:29am

    So fun! I could used some more art on my walls! Thank you!

  39. Traci L. /// 12.15.2017 /// 8:29am

    We all need to surround ourselves with a little more beauty <3

  40. Rachel Henriksen /// 12.15.2017 /// 8:30am

    An aspiring artist myself and a year long subscripition would be more than I could ever ask for! So much incredible inspiration.

  41. Montserrat /// 12.15.2017 /// 8:30am

    So so pretty! I would love to decorate my design studio with your prints

  42. MJ Arden /// 12.15.2017 /// 8:31am

    Fingers crossed that I’m picked- great give-a-way!

  43. Peri /// 12.15.2017 /// 8:33am

    Creative inspiration! Yes, please!

  44. Leah /// 12.15.2017 /// 8:34am

    Thank you!

  45. Lisa L /// 12.15.2017 /// 8:34am

    How beautiful! I love the vibe and all the bright colors!

  46. Michelle Jones /// 12.15.2017 /// 8:35am

    I have been dreaming about being gifted a Papirmass subscription for an entire year since finding out about them on your FB postings!!! I am hoping to win this year and fill my life with even more awesome art, but if not I hope the magical holiday unicorns can send my message to my hubby to get me a subscription for 2018!!! Thank you for the opportunity Danielle!

  47. Tania /// 12.15.2017 /// 8:35am

    What a wonderful holiday treat! The gift of creativity ❤

  48. Jocelyn Claire Burke /// 12.15.2017 /// 8:38am

    What a dream, and such generosity! I’ve always said if I struck it rich I would only buy art and books as presents and spread the wealth that way☺️ SO COOL that Papirmass makes passing art around exciting and so accessibleIf they pick me i promise I’ll pay it forward✨

  49. Erin Wilson /// 12.15.2017 /// 8:41am

    Such a wonderful idea!!!! ‍ ✉️

  50. Danielle R Whit /// 12.15.2017 /// 8:41am

    This is amazing! As a recent art school grad I definitely miss collecting/trading artwork from peers. This would be a dream to win!

  51. Stephanie Waine /// 12.15.2017 /// 8:41am

    Oh this would be the coolest! I love changing up the art on my walls with my moods/the season… whatever. Can never have too much art!

  52. Andrea Pratt /// 12.15.2017 /// 8:42am

    I love this idea! I have this amazing, altruistic, selfless friend who adores paper products and art, and has generously bought everything from large original art to packets of notecards from me. If I win it I’m giving it to her! (Though I might be tempted to claim one or two prints for myself…)

  53. Jessica C! /// 12.15.2017 /// 8:42am

    I would love this!

  54. Alli S /// 12.15.2017 /// 8:50am

    Such an awesome idea- would love to win!

  55. Laura Carpenter /// 12.15.2017 /// 8:51am

    These are absolutely beautiful! These would help make my house a home! I just love the hands! I have a big hand with an oak branch tattooed on my inner right arm, just LOVE

  56. Sophia Dunkin-Hubby /// 12.15.2017 /// 8:53am

    What a lovely creative gift to get every month! I love the idea of getting artwork every month. Pick me please!!

  57. Daphne /// 12.15.2017 /// 8:53am

    Gorgeous prints! What a great idea for a giveaway.

  58. Ocean Aiello /// 12.15.2017 /// 8:53am

    Greetings from an art newbie! I’d be over the moon about this subscription.

  59. Kim Ethridge /// 12.15.2017 /// 8:57am

    Such a great idea!

  60. Heiðdís Hólm /// 12.15.2017 /// 8:57am

    Beautiful! Love this!

  61. Molly /// 12.15.2017 /// 8:58am

    What an amazing gift this would be!

  62. Sydney K /// 12.15.2017 /// 8:59am

    An art subscription is SUCH a great idea! Especially for those of us who like to switch our gallery walls around regularly… not that I’m guilty of that.

  63. Evangelia Ntormousi /// 12.15.2017 /// 8:59am

    Such a lovely gift!

  64. Hilda /// 12.15.2017 /// 9:01am

    A lovely gift – here’s to hoping I win!

  65. Elizabeth /// 12.15.2017 /// 9:09am

    I have a giant blank wall that is just begging to win this giveaway! *crosses fingers*

  66. Lia /// 12.15.2017 /// 9:09am

    Wow! wishing for the whole year of lovely prints!

  67. Zsofi /// 12.15.2017 /// 9:11am

    Beautiful prints, and a great idea! I hope I win!

  68. Sophie /// 12.15.2017 /// 9:12am

    What beautiful prints! So inspiring!!

  69. Jenny R /// 12.15.2017 /// 9:13am

    Snail mail + gorgeous art + every month= the stuff my dreams are made of!!

  70. Mallory /// 12.15.2017 /// 9:13am

    Oh this would be such an amazing way to decorate my new apartment; so much wall space to be filled!

  71. Emma /// 12.15.2017 /// 9:13am

    Would love to gift this to my sister for the holidays – what a great giveaway !

  72. Michaela /// 12.15.2017 /// 9:14am

    Oh god… If I’d win, I’d become nARTcistic. I would love my own walls.

    I need this love! <3

  73. Lori /// 12.15.2017 /// 9:15am

    Such a great idea!

  74. Murphy Adams /// 12.15.2017 /// 9:20am

    Wow just checked papirmass out, beautiful!

  75. Evie r. /// 12.15.2017 /// 9:25am

    This is so cool! What a great giveaway!

  76. Emily /// 12.15.2017 /// 9:27am

    Beautiful!!! I NEED!

  77. Alicia Schultz /// 12.15.2017 /// 9:29am

    Wow! What an incredible giveaway!!! The art, quotes and inspiration they send each month would be the ultimate snail mail treat!!

  78. Cussot /// 12.15.2017 /// 9:32am

    Wouldn’t that be lovely? All year long? Gosh.

  79. Ross /// 12.15.2017 /// 9:34am

    Wow. What an amazing giveaway!

  80. Kelly /// 12.15.2017 /// 9:34am

    What a great way to be inspired, and to share new art with others!

  81. Nirali /// 12.15.2017 /// 9:36am

    Amazing idea!

  82. Sarah /// 12.15.2017 /// 9:38am

    Beautiful work-I want to cover my walls with all of it!

  83. Jo /// 12.15.2017 /// 9:38am

    Such a generous and inspiring give-away & year-long subscription. Amazing!

  84. Brittany /// 12.15.2017 /// 9:40am

    Love these prints!!!!!

  85. Jenna /// 12.15.2017 /// 9:43am

    How lovely!

  86. Katie /// 12.15.2017 /// 9:44am

    beautiful prints!

  87. Kara /// 12.15.2017 /// 9:45am

    I love it!!

  88. Booboo /// 12.15.2017 /// 9:46am

    My snail mailbox is sadly empty and only boring invoices and bills visit it. This giveaway would make it so happy! Thank you!

  89. Stephanie Dickie /// 12.15.2017 /// 9:48am

    Love them! I’ve been a big fan for years <3

  90. Siobhan /// 12.15.2017 /// 9:49am

    Ohhh how beautiful. Please put me in the draw! I would love some colour on my walls!

  91. Michael Joyal /// 12.15.2017 /// 9:57am

    That top painting is amazing. So much emotion!!

  92. Rebecca /// 12.15.2017 /// 9:58am

    Exciting giveaway!

  93. Amber Ferrero Laub /// 12.15.2017 /// 10:00am

    The gift of art – yay!

  94. Erin Branigan /// 12.15.2017 /// 10:00am

    Awesome!! Nice way to finally get some fun art up on my walls!!

  95. Jenny Liszcz /// 12.15.2017 /// 10:02am

    What a treat! Good luck to everyone!

  96. Mike Sirizzotti /// 12.15.2017 /// 10:03am

    Fingers crossed!

  97. maggie /// 12.15.2017 /// 10:04am

    Oh my gosh, what an amazing giveaway! I just framed my first piece of art (a limited edition Twin Peaks poster) and now I am thinking of all of the art I need! Give me a reason to visit Blick framing on a monthly basis, please.


  98. Courtney /// 12.15.2017 /// 10:08am

    This is amazing! Love seeing all the things you come across!

  99. Caroline /// 12.15.2017 /// 10:16am

    I’d love some fresh art in my mailbox! 😀

  100. Violeta Z. Agg /// 12.15.2017 /// 10:20am

    Beautiful work! What a great way to keep you inspired 🙂

  101. Andra Boudreau /// 12.15.2017 /// 10:20am

    Oh how I would love this!!! Pick me! Pick me! 🙂

  102. Violeta Maftei /// 12.15.2017 /// 10:31am

    I offer a poem in exchange of a year-long subscription:

    That’s what we do in life.
    It’s the only security we have.
    I don’t like it when you’re fading from my skin.
    Though I’ll find you again, but I forget.
    When you don’t wake up, I forget.
    Then there’s only me to remember to imagine you.
    Somedays the world goes wrong and I can’t imagine you.
    Life gets dangerous, and I fall.
    I fall asleep, and I fall in love.
    That’s why we love in life because, otherwise, we disappear.
    I shout at myself, why aren’t you present? Why do you leave?
    I say, because of the pain.
    All the times, I wasn’t aware I wasn’t living.
    I was so sure of me and you.
    I was so sure of my story.
    You love me, and still, I forget how safe we are, because you can’t be permanent for me.
    See how fleeting and unpredictable life is.
    And we’re so small.
    My dreams of wholeness.
    I stay. That’s the way we are here, the way we become real.

  103. Emily /// 12.15.2017 /// 10:36am

    What an awesome idea for a subscription!

  104. Lena /// 12.15.2017 /// 10:38am

    These are beautiful!!! What a fantastic idea. I’d love to rotate these beautiful art prints into my new gallery wall!

  105. erica /// 12.15.2017 /// 10:39am

    THIS is the Christmas gift I didn’t know I needed – that top print, especially, is a necessity!

  106. Jen Brown /// 12.15.2017 /// 10:39am

    I definitely struggle to stay motivated to paint. Wonder if this would help!?

  107. Sue Hunter /// 12.15.2017 /// 10:40am

    Yes, please! I love getting mail. Art in the mail would be the best kind of mail.

  108. Shalom Wiebe /// 12.15.2017 /// 10:43am

    I after having my first baby earlier this year I’ve really missed having time to be creative. We are in the process of redoing our living room and I would normally try to make or paint something for the walls. This is the first time I heard of Papirmass and they sound amazing! In what is a bit of a dry season artistically/creatively for me, I would love the idea of new art coming to me to grace our walls and lift my heart. A lovely giveaway indeed!

  109. A B /// 12.15.2017 /// 10:50am

    Beautiful art – love the framing!

  110. Niki Fowler /// 12.15.2017 /// 10:55am

    Wow! What a lovely idea! I could certainly use the inspiration to get back into the studio.

  111. Mira /// 12.15.2017 /// 10:55am

    Would love some new prints in my new flat! 🙂

  112. Madeline N /// 12.15.2017 /// 10:57am

    Wonderful!! An amazing idea.

  113. Juliet /// 12.15.2017 /// 11:02am


  114. Pere /// 12.15.2017 /// 11:05am

    I don’t know if this service ships to Europe but nevertheless I would be so honored to be the recipient of such magnificent subscription. Love u! X

    In exchange, let me share with you a poemari mine in my native language catalan 🙂

    Caure de certa manera,
    viure de la llastima
    gesticulació ploranera
    com porter que no domina
    una posició que no estima.

    Angles llumínics per calcular
    lletja negrosa sorra plastifica
    masoquistic esport, d’amor propi car;
    proves, deprès i ilús ab-negat, d’acarar
    amb peus clavosos, car l’accídia galçifica.

  115. Bonnie /// 12.15.2017 /// 11:07am

    What an amazing prize. And amazing idea! Good on you and merry holidays

  116. Amanda /// 12.15.2017 /// 11:12am

    We have a very festive year ahead, housewarmings and weddings and babies coming. I would love to share these (and keep some of course!!!)

  117. Lois /// 12.15.2017 /// 11:16am

    Oh how beautifully wonderful!! Art in the mail is the best!

  118. Julie A Malone /// 12.15.2017 /// 11:23am

    new house. limited budget. I NEED!

  119. Axl /// 12.15.2017 /// 11:23am

    They look so bright and cheery; this would a wonderful prize 🙂

  120. Michael /// 12.15.2017 /// 11:25am

    I’d love this. Will send a link to my friends; they’d love it too.

  121. Sue McArthur /// 12.15.2017 /// 11:36am

    Wow that would great, it looks wonderful, thank you so much Papirmass!

  122. Colleen Sullivan /// 12.15.2017 /// 11:42am

    Looking to purchase my first home and getting beautiful art delivered every month would be incredible!

  123. Rachel Garcia /// 12.15.2017 /// 11:49am

    So exciting! I didn’t know about this service until just this second.

  124. Carolyn /// 12.15.2017 /// 11:51am

    What a great giveaway! More beauty and art always! Happy Holidays!

  125. Ashley /// 12.15.2017 /// 11:59am

    The free greeting cards offered on the papirmass site are great too.

  126. Heidi /// 12.15.2017 /// 12:03pm

    I need art! My home needs art! My office needs art!

  127. Molly /// 12.15.2017 /// 12:04pm

    what a cool company!

  128. Erin /// 12.15.2017 /// 12:19pm

    Holy smokes! Holey moley! Be still my heART!

  129. Lee Ann /// 12.15.2017 /// 12:22pm

    Thank you for the opportunity to win a subscription!

  130. Pececito /// 12.15.2017 /// 12:29pm

    Merry Christmas and thank you not only for this opportunity but for a year long of art that you give us through hour web and instagram.

  131. Lynnette /// 12.15.2017 /// 12:31pm

    Thanks for the introduction!

  132. Christina /// 12.15.2017 /// 12:37pm

    What a wonderful giveaway!

  133. Eloise /// 12.15.2017 /// 12:39pm

    Ooh, ooh! Pick me, pick me!

  134. Rebecca Clouatre /// 12.15.2017 /// 12:41pm

    So cool!! 🙂

  135. Amanda B /// 12.15.2017 /// 1:02pm

    So many great giveaways!

  136. Denise Z /// 12.15.2017 /// 1:06pm

    What a great way to discover new artists and also have something new each month.

  137. Caty /// 12.15.2017 /// 1:20pm

    Thanks for this!

  138. Sara /// 12.15.2017 /// 1:20pm

    I had this subscription for the Nov-Oct of last year. I loved it! But I had to unsubscribe for this year due to trying to cut back on extraneous spending. It really is such a lovely subscription service that brightened my mailbox every month!

  139. Emily /// 12.15.2017 /// 1:23pm

    Beautiful art! That first print is stunning!

  140. Andy /// 12.15.2017 /// 1:26pm

    How lovely and fun!

  141. gretchen warsen /// 12.15.2017 /// 1:29pm

    What a cool give-away, I want to make beautiful things, too!

  142. Tina Gwosdz /// 12.15.2017 /// 1:38pm

    12 Month full of colors ,inspiring persons and art to lighten up the year✨!

  143. Sandra Salamony /// 12.15.2017 /// 1:47pm

    Winning this could change my opinion of 2017!

  144. Emma /// 12.15.2017 /// 1:49pm

    Oh my goodness, so pretty!!! Just what I need to inspire me in 2018

  145. Nara Krumins /// 12.15.2017 /// 1:49pm

    What a fun idea!

  146. Alex /// 12.15.2017 /// 2:00pm

    This would be amazing!

  147. Malora Jones /// 12.15.2017 /// 2:01pm

    One of goals for the upcoming year is to choose more artwork to display around me. These lovely prints would be just the thing to get me started

  148. Michaal /// 12.15.2017 /// 2:12pm

    Thank you for having such a great contest; hope I am one of the winners.

    | |
    | |
    | |
    | A R T |
    | |
    | |
    | |
    | |

  149. Stephanie /// 12.15.2017 /// 2:16pm

    such a great subscription box idea! I’ve just moved into a little terraced house in Manchester and am enjoying starting to fill the walls with art!

  150. Laura /// 12.15.2017 /// 2:29pm

    awesome! what a lovely contest

  151. Azin Teimoori /// 12.15.2017 /// 2:38pm

    What a wonderful way to start an art collection (I’ve been putting it off for years, but no more excuses!)
    I’m ready to start collecting!!

  152. Marian /// 12.15.2017 /// 2:42pm

    Oh my! I can’t think of anything I’d love more. Free ART!!! <3 <3 <3

  153. India adams /// 12.15.2017 /// 3:06pm

    This would be a lovely addition to my new home

  154. Cheryl Hansen /// 12.15.2017 /// 3:42pm

    Great idea! Would be a welcome surprise. Who won the last drawing?

  155. Jennifer bilton /// 12.15.2017 /// 4:20pm

    I was lucky and won that bluebird and floral art print in a giveaway. I love it.
    Maybe I’ll get lucky again 🙂

  156. Genevieve /// 12.15.2017 /// 4:25pm

    Art is the best gift, always! fingers crossed

  157. Kirsty /// 12.15.2017 /// 4:33pm

    I’d never heard of this company before, such a cool idea! I’d absolutely love to win a subscription! It would be a great way to slowly increase my art collection which I’m trying to do on a small budget! Crossing everything! X

  158. Megan /// 12.15.2017 /// 4:37pm

    I’ve been following your blog for 5 years now and I love how the creativity never stops!

  159. Kris Phebus /// 12.15.2017 /// 4:46pm

    Love this Idea. Anything to encourage creativity!

  160. Rachael /// 12.15.2017 /// 4:49pm

    This is such a great idea for a subscription and an amazing giveaway!!

  161. Dawn /// 12.15.2017 /// 4:51pm

    This is such a great concept! Who doesn’t want an art surprise every month?!

  162. Cody W /// 12.15.2017 /// 5:11pm

    Slim chance, but I’d love to win!

  163. Debbie /// 12.15.2017 /// 5:25pm

    This would be a most welcome surprise. 🙂

  164. Kate Webb /// 12.15.2017 /// 5:28pm

    All other subscription services, bow to your queen.

  165. michele longpre /// 12.15.2017 /// 5:28pm

    Such a great idea! Would love to receive a subscription! thank you Papirmass!

  166. Nicole Reddington /// 12.15.2017 /// 6:08pm

    I turn 46 on New Year’s Day – I would LOVE this for my birthday

  167. Jessica A /// 12.15.2017 /// 6:15pm

    Excuse me pls, I didn’t know this existed! Prepare to receive art, family secret Santa recipient. Also a free one for me would be v exciting. Merry Christmas!

  168. Breanna L /// 12.15.2017 /// 6:43pm

    This art would make my day, and make Chicago winter a little brighter 🙂

  169. Erin Boake /// 12.15.2017 /// 7:13pm


  170. Erin Boake /// 12.15.2017 /// 7:13pm

    Great idea!

  171. Anna H /// 12.15.2017 /// 7:50pm

    Art in the hand > art on a screen
    What a great subscription!

  172. Kelsey C. /// 12.15.2017 /// 8:41pm

    Wellllll even if I don’t win, at least I have another subscription service to add to my Forever Wishlist

  173. seenae /// 12.15.2017 /// 10:10pm

    democratic art hooray!!

  174. Natalie Herbert /// 12.15.2017 /// 10:43pm

    What a magical idea! This would be the best start to 2018!

  175. Sangita /// 12.15.2017 /// 10:48pm

    This is so cool! Thanks for the giveaway

  176. Donovan /// 12.15.2017 /// 11:22pm

    My walls are calling out for more beautiful art! ; )
    Thanks for turning us onto so many amazing artists.

  177. Krista /// 12.15.2017 /// 11:38pm

    How cool! I have heard of Papirmass, but have yet to commit to subscribing

  178. Anna /// 12.15.2017 /// 11:40pm

    Love this. I hope I win

  179. Evann /// 12.16.2017 /// 12:28am

    How fun! That would be something lovely to look forward to in the new year.

  180. Mira /// 12.16.2017 /// 12:30am

    Wow, such a wonderful idea! Would love to win some art and creativity to decorate my home with or to share with others!

  181. Greta /// 12.16.2017 /// 12:36am

    What a seriously cool idea! I love the idea of a monthly subscription to creativity!

  182. Jake /// 12.16.2017 /// 1:16am

    I’m in love with that frame wall!! I would love to replicate this with some amazing prints 🙂

  183. Heather Lybarger /// 12.16.2017 /// 1:36am

    What an amazing concept. Beats a beauty or fashion box any day.

  184. Paula Usemann /// 12.16.2017 /// 1:40am

    The best beautiful box-concept i’ve heard of so far!

  185. Cecile /// 12.16.2017 /// 2:30am

    What a great! I need this!

  186. Amanda Ahlman /// 12.16.2017 /// 3:31am

    WHO thought of this subscription idea!?? It’s awesome!! Just a little art culture delivered every month! I love it!!

  187. Sandi Rosner /// 12.16.2017 /// 3:52am

    I can’t think of anything I’d love more than a weekly discovery of a new artist. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  188. Lou Conaway /// 12.16.2017 /// 3:55am

    This past year has often been gloomy with my husband on perpetual chemo and me with one leg, getting around in a power chair. We treasure every little piece of light and joy. Last year when we moved, the movers somehow lost most of our art, our life sustaining art! They keep saying it will turn up eventually. I believe very strongly in miracles, and a year of art through your amazing program would be a custom made miracle for us. Not only would we always remember everything from a year of art, but so would all our friends and family. It would make wide ripples!

  189. Katherine Gerard /// 12.16.2017 /// 3:55am

    I could use some beautiful art in my life. ❤️

  190. Chiara /// 12.16.2017 /// 4:04am

    An year long opportunity to receive so much beautifulness every month? How could I don’t try the luck. So, I tried. Finger crossed

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  198. Stacia /// 12.16.2017 /// 6:06am

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  199. ali /// 12.16.2017 /// 6:33am

    “Art is an investment in quality of life.” – Francesca von Habsburg
    So a Papirmass subscription is an awesome idea! Fingers crossed Xx

  200. Carla /// 12.16.2017 /// 6:46am

    Every month artful delights in the mail??? I’m in! As a single mother with 2 kids this would be welcomed as a miracle. I’m pretty sure it will inspire us creatively. Thanks Papirmass and TJC!

  201. Lesley /// 12.16.2017 /// 6:51am

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    My next step is their site – hopefully, I can wait until Monday before I do anything crazy.

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  229. Kylie Brown /// 12.16.2017 /// 8:33pm

    What a fantastic way to be introduced to and learn about artists. Colour and art is such a big part of our lives although we visit a local beautiful shop and go to the art gallery on special occasions to get our fix. It’s always so nice to receive something in the mail that isn’t a bill. I would put the subscription in my daughters name so she could experience this joy and look forward to a beautiful print each month (she is so creative but the world of fad overpriced plastic fantastic is starting to become a priority to her). What a great and special giveaway.
    Kylie and Charlotte

  230. Allyson Proulx /// 12.16.2017 /// 9:09pm

    ‘Having heroes is wildly important.’ – Mike Mills, in the movie Beautiful Losers. I’m inspired, and so is everything about this giveaway.

  231. Amy Brown /// 12.16.2017 /// 10:33pm

    Art, it does a body good.

    When I was in school my mother said for me to get a practical degree, so I did. I spend every work day in a box dreaming of the impractical. HaHa. I have told my children to follow their passion. So far, one Theatre graduate artist, three to go.

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  243. Raynata Reed /// 12.17.2017 /// 6:06pm

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  249. Chantal van Riel /// 12.18.2017 /// 4:33am

    My creative New Year Resolutions for 2018

    1. Buy a Museum annual pass and transform my lunch break into an inspiring adventure in the city of Amsterdam, before heading back to the office.
    2. Rotate my collection of photographs, print and my kids’ artwork (and perhaps add some new pieces every month!)
    3. Ignore my inner critic, just enjoy creating and proudly share my collages on Instagram!

  250. Cris /// 12.18.2017 /// 10:50am

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