sarah elise abramson

Love, love, love! This is the work of Los Angeles based photographer Sarah Elise Abramson, and FYI, the final image above is self portrait of Sarah… x3. Her portfolio is full of gorgeous, bizarre, glitter covered goodness but her Instagram feed… ooh, I could spend all day there! I love the peek behind the scenes (ie the photo of Sarah above), and outtakes from her weird and wonderful shoots. LOVE.

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  2. Sarah Elise Abramson /// 01.07.2018 /// 11:13pm

    Hey! Thanks so so much for that lovely feature with my work you posted! I’m so honored. I think you have such a good/strong eye so it feels especially good to have you post my work and say such kind things about it. Two things: would it be too much to ask for you to put a click through link to my IG so people who read the post can follow me? And secondly, above, instead of putting my website, I put my Flickr. That’s where you can find a lot of my work. A LOT. And if you enjoyed looking through my IG feed, you’ll love looking through my Flickr. There’s everything on there. Lots of images that stents anywhere else. Anyways, just wanted to personally thank you and tell you how honored I feel! Have a good night!