liz robb

Gasp! This is the stunning work of Los Angeles based artist Liz Robb. The beads, the dyes, the weaving… seriously I’m having a hard time catching my breath. And, if all of these beauties aren’t enough to be excited by, from what I can tell via her site and her Instagram feed, I’m pretty sure Liz makes a lot of her own dyes! CAUTION: DO NOT EAT POKE BERRIES.

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  1. Flo /// 01.16.2018 /// 5:47am

    Oh my gosh, her work is amazing! Loving the piece in the third picture!

  2. Brandi /// 01.18.2018 /// 7:05pm

    I can’t even handle how good this is. I think I def have a taste of the jealousy you felt when you started your blog. My mind: “Why didn’t I think of thissss?!!”