“on the brink”

When you’re an artist just starting out, and you can’t afford supplies… what do you do? Yep, just pick them up off the ground! That’s how Pittsburgh based artist Seth Clark got started on his absolutely mind-blowing collages. I wrote about him way back in 2011 and now, in 2018, I finally got to ask him all of my questions! Where does he get all of this stuff, is his studio like an episode of Hoarders, did he build awesome (while incredibly unsafe) tree houses when he was a kid? I got answers for everything! Listen right up there under that gorgeous / derelict collage, or you can subscribe on iTunes.

First up, a bunch of Seth’s collages. Yes, collages… what!?

Bits and pieces of all sorts of things from paper to actual shingles … LOVE.

Ok, so this is the window mountain thing I was talking about that Seth didn’t fully know what I was referring to… that’s because it was actually a work-in-progress shot! The final ended up becoming a piece titled “Hive”:

Yeah. Now THAT is a hive! Stunning.

Next, this is the collaboration Seth did with glass artist, Jason Forck:

Perhaps one of the most amazing collaborations I’ve ever seen! They truly figured out how to blend their artistic skills and talents to create something beautiful. I hope they get the chance to keep working together … LARGE SCALE.

Next, a few of Seth’s sculptures that you can look into/through, and one that’s had a sledge hammer taken to it:

‘On the brink’, indeed. I don’t fully believe him when he says he’s not very handy, but anyway.

And look at this! A peek into Seth’s studio:

Ok, yes… this is crazy. I don’t care, I still want to poke around in there for an afternoon just to see what I could find on the floor! Given that Seth has so many things coming up (links to all below), I’m so thankful that he took a bit of time out to do the podcast; thanks to Saatchi Art for supporting the episode; and big thanks to you for listening! There will be more art for your ear next weekend.

Other links:

  1. Terry Boyd, Artist
  2. RISD
  3. Contemporary Craft, Pittsburgh
  4. Pittsburgh Glass Center
  5. Jason Forck, Artist
  6. Nicole Ryan, Artist
  7. Paradigm Gallery, Philadelphia
  8. Radiant Hall (the studios where Seth works)
  9. Janet Echelman, Artist
  10. Gallery Bom, Boston (March 2, Seth’s Solo Show)
  11. Art on Paper, NY (March 8-11)
  12. Architectural Digest Show, NY (March 22 – 25)


comments (5)

  1. marc cardwell /// 01.21.2018 /// 1:53pm

    i really loved this conversation and he is work. sometimes, i see the artist’s work (the ones you talk to), and think, “damn, why am i not doing this?” seth’s work resonated w/ me because it remind me of stuff i used to do when i was very young… keep up the great podcasts!

  2. David Wayne Thomason /// 01.22.2018 /// 8:02am

    Danielle – THANK YOU for what you’ve done and what you keep doing, week in and week out. It makes Monday morning one of my favorites because your email from over the weekend is sitting there waiting to blow wild winds of inspiration into my day and it sparks the week off just right. Big blessings to you my friend. – David

  3. the jealous curator /// 01.22.2018 /// 12:30pm

    oh, thank you so much david 🙂

  4. Elizabeth White /// 02.01.2018 /// 6:24pm

    My son and Seth are very good friends. I live in Pittsburgh and have followed his art for quite a while. I bellieve he is an amazing artist, with such a unique perspective and talent. Thanks for your profile.

  5. the jealous curator /// 02.01.2018 /// 8:35pm

    i could not agree more, elizabeth : )

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