wayne white : new show

Ok, so, it’s no secret how much I love the work of LA based painter Wayne White, especially his text pieces. Look how brilliant that last painting is?! Those ladies from the original thrift shop painting popping up in front of his gorgeous letters. How? I don’t know. Wayne has a new show opening tomorrow night, titled  I TOOK THE MACHINE APART BUT COULD NOT PUT IT BACK TOGETHER”, at the Joshua Liner Gallery in New York.

The show will be composed of five main components: his signature “word paintings” on vintage offset lithographs, as well as text-based works on paper over the Artist’s painted abstract backgrounds, mixed-media marionettes, and an installation of drawings. The fifth element encompasses the entire gallery, which is painted over with White’s personal doodles, words, and phrases, pulled directly from his notebook. 

Um, that sounds amazing. The opening reception is on Thursday February 8th (6-8pm), oh, and Wayne will be there… ie., GO! ps. The show runs until March 10th.

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  1. Els Borghart /// 02.07.2018 /// 7:31am

    Loving the colours, loving the message, loving the fact that bright and gloomy, positive and negative, bright and muted coexist in each image.

  2. Tom A Savage /// 02.07.2018 /// 11:00am

    Thank you

  3. Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art /// 02.07.2018 /// 11:32am

    Wayne White is amazing! He also created an incredible exhibition at MOCA, and we’re excited to have him return on Feb 11 for a closing celebration. Visit us if you can! Wayne is doing a book signing, a puppet performance, and a puppet parade: http://www.virginiamoca.org/wayne-white-monitorium, http://www.virginiamoca.org/closing-celebration-wayne-white-monitorium-and-small-works-tall-tales