angela deane

Look, the heart wants what the heart wants, ok!? … And yes, my heart desperately wants these insane flowers by American artist Angela Deane. I’ve written about her fabulous ghosts before, and then earlier today I stumbled across that first rose, and well, here we are. Weird, hilarious, and fun … with just a touch of pure ‘Alice in Wonderland-ish’ terror. Happy Friday!

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  1. Angie Burgess /// 02.09.2018 /// 12:31pm

    I love these wonderfully mad paintings, particularly the rather sixties looking snearing rose, definitely on my list of very desireable on my walls!!

  2. Axl /// 02.09.2018 /// 1:15pm

    Acrylic and gouache on vintage postcard – for those who are wondering.

  3. flanary /// 02.11.2018 /// 1:26pm

    Thanks for the link to her site. Just going by your post here, I though that maybe someone had turned the googly eyes gardener skit into an art career ( )but the work on her site is varied and playful. Especially love the ghost work!