mando marie

To say that I have loved the work of Mando Marie since the moment I started this blog would be spot on … right down to the minute, in fact. Today, February 22nd, marks NINE YEARS since I launched the very first post as “The Jealous Curator”. Nine years? Insane. There were a handful of artists whose work I was obsessed with back then … oh who am I kidding, I still am! One of them was of course, American painter/street artist Mando Marie. I even managed to get her on the podcast not too long ago! Another artist I have always loved? American folk/street artist Margaret Kilgallen … so imagine my delight when I found the piece at the bottom of this post … one of Mando’s girls reading Margaret Kilgallen’s book, In the Sweet Bye and Bye. Perfect to mark the anniversary of this beautiful, crazy, artsy ride that I’ve been on for almost a decade. Thank you all so much for coming along with me! Sharing the work of amazing artists from all over the world brings me pure joy – whether it’s through the blog, Instagram, my books, or the podcast. Here’s to the first nine years, and hopefully decades more to come.

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  1. sue mcarthur /// 02.22.2018 /// 11:26am

    Fantastic work. I love your blog so much. Congratulations.

  2. the jealous curator /// 02.22.2018 /// 4:32pm

    thanks so much, sue and jen : )

  3. Jen /// 02.22.2018 /// 12:55pm

    Happy birthday TJC! And thank you, Danielle, for all that you do. There are moments of wisdom I’ve gleaned from your podcast interviews that I repeat to myself all the time as I make my own art journey. I appreciate the opportunity to learn from and be inspired by the artists you feature.

  4. leigh hannan /// 02.23.2018 /// 5:43am

    we hope you continue for decades as well! thank you for all you do!

  5. the jealous curator /// 02.23.2018 /// 7:21am

    thanks leigh ; )

  6. Saffron Craig /// 02.24.2018 /// 12:49am

    I was only thinking about her work today, it is so lovely to see some new pieces. I covet them all. I too am a fan.
    Thanks for the post and all the post you have done. Your work fuels me.

  7. Anika /// 02.24.2018 /// 5:20am

    Congratulations on your anniversary! And thanks for the continued inspiration!
    PS- love all these – those covers are such sweet eye candy.

  8. the jealous curator /// 02.24.2018 /// 6:24am

    thanks! and yes, LOVE this covers : )

  9. Heidi Leech /// 02.24.2018 /// 8:13am

    Love this work, love the Jealous Curator. xo

  10. jeff chiplis /// 02.24.2018 /// 10:13am

    congratz to tgc and danielle !! i truly look forward to seeing new unseen things every week.

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