“free to be”

Well, that painting basically covers everything I had on my list of questions for British artist Pippa Young. Flat bonnet-ish hats, thin red lines {which are paint, not thread btw}, weird plastic-looking stuff wrapping her subjects – what’s it all about, because I need to know! Thankfully, she told me. We talked about being free to do whatever we like, late starts, and how I can get myself to Cornwall because, clearly, it’s a creative wonderland filled with amazing artists! Have a listen right under “Self-Doubt” – how perfect is that? – or you can subscribe on iTunes.

First, some of the paintings I wrote about years ago when I first stumbled upon Pippa’s lovely/weird work:

After doing this interview, I’m pretty sure that’s Pippa’s son in, at least, the last painting above. These works also give you a little peek into the “hats” / “bonnets” I brought up right off the top. Next on my list of “what’s this about?”… tiny, delicate, beautifully painted red lines:

Gasp! Pippa told me she doesn’t do those lines freehand, she “uses masking tape”. Oh okay, super easy then. WHAT?! So precisely perfect! She explained that these tethering red lines were inspired by “The Goldfinch” – a book written by Donna Tartt, inspired by a 1654 painting by Dutch artist Carel Fabritius … now that’s a lot of inspiration. Pippa’s final painting above is, in fact, titled “Goldfinch I”. FYI… this is the cover of the book, and the painting:

Lovely. Next on my list of questions… the plastic trash bags?

Yep, there’s that plastic bag “baby” we were talking about. Her work is so gorgeous … the combination of the detailed plastic texture, with the flat hats and dresses on the girls? LOVE. It is so obvious {now} that Pippa was a graphic designer for such a long time … beautiful compositions, photographic qualities combined with flat graphic elements, and oh, that negative space. It’s all just too good.

And, ah yes, her “interventions”. I already loved them to begin with, and then to find out that these are not found images, but actually members of Pippa’s family, well, that pushed me over the edge:

Ghostly, beautiful, kinda weird… fantastic! And finally, Pippa in her studio:

Gorgeous! Quite handy to have a talented photographer brother to take cool in-studio shots, no? Thank you so much to Pippa for taking time out of her recharging break to talk to me; thanks to Saatchi Art and Create! Magazine for supporting the episode; and thank you for listening. There will be more art for your ear next weekend.

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comments (8)

  1. sue mcarthur /// 02.24.2018 /// 11:46am

    thank you so much. I am just starting out.. as a granny of 8, and to hear this journey, really helps, to unfold the journey and the path forward

  2. the jealous curator /// 02.24.2018 /// 12:34pm

    yep, there is always a path forward xo

  3. Barbara Johansen Newman /// 02.24.2018 /// 1:30pm

    I can’t tell you how much I loved this episode. Pippa was lovely and inspiring. And I felt as thought she were speaking to me. As I leave behind my 35 year career as an illustrator (the last 20 of which were illustrating and writing children’s books) to focus only on my fine art career going forward, it was great to hear from someone who had followed a similar path. Thank you, Danielle and Pippa!

  4. Julie /// 02.26.2018 /// 12:15am

    Just lovely!! I could have listened to you both for hours. And Pippa’s work is SO good!!

  5. Rosa /// 02.27.2018 /// 7:56am

    Stunning work, inspiring artist who has some thought-provoking themes with a healthy dash of quirkiness! SO GOOD! Thank you both.

  6. Julie Liger-Belair /// 02.27.2018 /// 10:39am

    OMG!!! Thank you for this post and podcast! Her work speaks to me on so many different levels!

  7. Susan Neilson /// 03.02.2018 /// 5:12pm

    Wonderful interview! I found out about Pippa Young’s artwork about six months ago and I love her work! It was a true pleasure listening to your conversation. I am grateful for the opportunity to hear some anecdotes and background from an artist I admire. Thank you!

  8. the jealous curator /// 03.02.2018 /// 8:13pm

    my pleasure! thanks susan : )

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