foxes ‘n’ hedgehogs

Oooh, look at that tiny snippet of goodness! Layers of paper, images, and whatever else this curious artist can get her hands on. Today I’m talking to Canadian artist Aimée Henny Brown. And the reason for the title of this episode, “Foxes ‘n’ Hedgehogs” is truly a perfect description of how Aimée’s brain works … curious like a fox, but she digs deep like a hedgehog! We started this episode with a personal help session that I’d requested. Aimée knows EVERYTHING about paper and, luckily, is happy to share her knowledge. I want to go bigger with my collages, so she told me how. Listen right up there under that insanely gorgeous peek at a #WIP from her Instagram feed, or you can subscribe on iTunes.

First, go big or go home.

Gah! Look at that amazing, gigantic collage! That’s the Tyvek she was talking about, and yes, I am so going to try that. Look out hardware store, here I come!

Next up, houses in the negative. This is what she’s experimenting with while in Montreal, and I absolutely love them:

There really is something so beautiful about the other side of the paper after you’ve made a few cuts – lots of happy surprises over there! So, as you can see, Aimée has a fascination with structures, architecture, shelters etc… case in point, a few pieces from a 2016 titled “Futur Infinitif” :

Oh my word. Stunning. Last year Aimée and I were in a group show together, along with Vancouver’s Janice Wu, at Back Gallery Project. These were some of Aimée’s pieces:

There they are on the right, and again, look how big they are! I included that close-up above as well so you could see that, yes, there are houses nestled into almost everything she does! LOVE.

Oooh, and these are the installation shots of the work Aimée did while on that YEAR LONG residency in Harrison:

Right? Seriously, she can make anything. Look at those cuts? I love that she isn’t afraid to experiment with materials… which of course is why I ask her for advice whenever I can!

Speaking of cuts, here are those perfectly perfect bangs we were talking about:

Gorgeous! The topmost shot is a recent photo, but given all of our talk about foxes, hedgehogs and possums, I thought it only fair to include this 2016 image of Aimée and her forest friend! Thanks to Aimée for taking a break in her precious studio time to hang out with me for an hour and a half; thanks to Saatchi Art and Thrive for supporting the episode, and thanks to you for listening! There will be more art for your ear next weekend.

ps. I just found out tonight that Thrive is currently accepting new members for their May intake. Their groups fill up, so if you’re interested make sure to pop over there soon.

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comments (11)

  1. Karen /// 03.04.2018 /// 2:11pm


  2. Tristesse Seeliger /// 03.05.2018 /// 11:47am

    Aimee is a treasure to the arts community because she is smart, talented and kind. She is the absolute best and I am thrilled to be working with her in our June show at South Main Gallery Insitu. Thank you for featuring her on your podcast. I am sure everyone that listens to this will be better for it! Way to go Aimee and Danielle.

  3. the jealous curator /// 03.06.2018 /// 7:24am


  4. claire /// 03.06.2018 /// 9:19am

    Love this Aimee is amazing and so much paper geekery. Love it!

  5. Karen S. /// 03.06.2018 /// 9:41pm

    Maybe your best podcast episode to date, and you have done A LOT of good ones. This was so much fun to listen to! Aimee is magnificent. So happy people like you and Aimee exist in the world. Thank you.

  6. the jealous curator /// 03.06.2018 /// 10:22pm

    haha! thanks karen ; )

  7. Rachel Smith /// 03.07.2018 /// 5:57pm

    Thanks for this podcast – I loved listening and found it very inspiring! So good to hear a podcast that sounds like a conversation at a kitchen table. Genuine pleasure!

    I live in the middle of Hong Kong though I come from Canada. Sometimes I long for the solitude and quiet of the landscape in BC or the fields and lakes of Ontario. This beehive of a city has it’s charms as well, but listening to the two of you talk – I could almost smell the air of BC again! Thanks for evoking past (and future) times for me and for all the information on process, big papers and all that jazz!

  8. the jealous curator /// 03.07.2018 /// 9:43pm

    ah, so glad we could bring you a little canadiana, rachel : )

  9. Mary C Kenny /// 03.22.2018 /// 11:13am

    What an informative episode, love all the technical stuff from the paper pervert. Looking forward to investigating some of the ‘paper’ possibilities.

  10. the jealous curator /// 03.22.2018 /// 11:38am

    that pervert knows what she’s talking about 😉

  11. leigh hannan /// 05.22.2018 /// 10:21am

    this was one of the best episodes, and definitely my favorite. you’re spot on about her being eloquent and articulate in her speech; add crazy intelligent and confident to that list! now I have to look up maudie so I can cry 🙂

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