max seckel

Now this is my kind of mess! Neon tape, bright orange construction cones, and the greenest plants I’ve ever seen. These paintings {acrylic, gouache, latex, and spray paint on canvas} are the work of Swiss born, New Orleans based artist Max Seckel. Here’s where these crazy worlds come from:

“My work aims to explore my own reactions to and perception of the world surrounding me. Informed by memories, dreams, conversations, and just plain looking around and being I assemble a world constructed of absurdities and references. Objects are clustered together and arranged with little respect to context, intending to create a sense of wonder and confusion as the viewer works to make sense of the situation presented.”

Wonder and confusion, indeed. Love.

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  1. Klara /// 03.18.2018 /// 9:29pm

    Oh I LOVE these colours!!!