camille javal

I often say that “Oh, I’d love to jump into that painting and walk around”… so yeah, this. These interior murals are the work of Australian artist Camille Javal. Granted, she also does work contained on canvas, but there is something pretty special about these “all over” abstracts. Dreamy.

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  1. Camille Javal /// 03.20.2018 /// 5:46pm

    Thanks so much for the lovely feature and comment! I agree, there is something about being immersed in a painting that I’m particularly curious about. My artwork has transitioned onto walls because I’m more and more interested in creating a space that functions as a container/mini world… rather than just a picture on a wall where the viewer feels separate 🙂 xo

  2. the jealous curator /// 03.20.2018 /// 9:28pm

    well you sure do! : )

  3. sandy welch /// 03.24.2018 /// 5:36am

    Love , Love Love!!!!!

  4. Kelsey Livingston /// 03.24.2018 /// 9:12am

    I can’t believe I didn’t think of this. It seems so intuitive. Most painters who go big, do so to get inside the work.

  5. Cher Bason /// 03.25.2018 /// 3:14pm

    What beautiful, engaging, re-energizing spaces Camille Javal has created with her interior murals. Appreciation to her and to you for highlighting her work.