“buckling can be beautiful”

Oh my goodness, how gorgeous is that? The first time I wrote about Swedish artist/illustrator Stina Persson was way back in 2010. That’s insane. So, here we are eight years later speaking to each other for the very first time… and I asked her everything! I found out that she studied fashion in Italy, then illustration at Pratt in New York, and eventually found her way back to Sweden to become a successful illustrator/artist {and mother of three sons}. I also asked her if Swedish people actually shop at IKEA. They do. Listen right up there under that beautiful ink ‘n cut paper piece, or you can subscribe on iTunes.

Let’s start with a few inky, washy, fashiony pieces that pop to mind when I think of “Stina Persson”:

Ooh la la… rich vintage glam! Now, you know how I feel about collage, right? Well look at these cut paper pieces that blend Stina’s inky strokes with colorful bits of paper:

Stunning, and an excellent segue into some of Stina’s very high profile commercial illustration work:

And that is just the tip of a huge illustration iceberg!

Now, not only does Stina make spilled nail polish look delicious, look what she does with lettering {ps. beware of killer kittens}:

Gorgeous (and note the beautifully buckled paper). Well, let’s up the ante, shall we? These videos of Stina in action, found on her Instagram feed, are absolutely mesmerizing… and a little Beyonce quote never hurt either:

Seriously, I could watch those on repeat all day loooooooong. But I won’t, because now it’s time to show you this gem:

Dreamy and, oh, so beautifully bizarre. This is a promotional video Stina worked on for a single, titled “Left For Dead”, by  RABBII.

And finally, Stina herself:

Ah, I always love seeing the artist doing what they do. Thank you so much to Stina for taking the time to do this with me; thanks to Saatchi Art for supporting the episode; and big high fives to YOU for listening. There will be more Art For Your Ear next weekend.

Other links:

  1. Stina on Instagram
  2. Stina’s Online Shop
  3. Stina’s Illustration Agents {UK, NYC, Japan, Sweden, Australia/NZ}
  4. Pratt Institute, NY
  5. Hey, fancy white-walled galleries… call her to put on a big, beautiful show! 


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  2. marc cardwell /// 04.02.2018 /// 6:34am

    loving the buckle questions! her work is beautiful and her story is inspiring.

  3. Rachel /// 04.02.2018 /// 2:55pm

    Ok…..officially one of my favorites. I too like ‘the buckling’ so very happy to hear someone not stress over that.

  4. isabelle mcallister /// 04.03.2018 /// 12:16am

    Love Stina and her work. And really enjoyed this ep! Thank you

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