sylvie fleury

Gasp! Giant makeup? Yes, except that they’re paintings {acrylic paint on shaped canvas}. I don’t know about you, but I could lose several hours just browsing the shelves of a makeup shop – the colors, shapes, palettes, glittery, matte, neutrals, neons and the list goes on. It’s like an art supply shop… for your face. Well, Geneva based multi-disciplinary artist Sylvie Fleury has taken this one giant step further:

Fleury has long been interested in the way the makeup industry discards the “new,” mere months after a long and extensive research process into textures, colors, and names. The attributes the cosmetics industry takes into consideration when developing a product, Fleury argues, are not dissimilar to those an artist may consider when creating a new body of work. But while makeup is wiped clean nightly, art is meant to exist for eternity. {via Contemporary Art Daily}

Brilliant. ps. That’s Sylvie with two of her pieces at Salon 94 in New York.

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  1. Michael Lønfeldt /// 04.06.2018 /// 6:30am

    Love the colors 🙂

    Beautiful color palette, and an excellent way to show color tones.

    BR Michael

  2. Maria Ho /// 04.06.2018 /// 7:25am


  3. MM Curator /// 05.03.2018 /// 1:20pm

    I have no idea why I’m just seeing this now! I must blog about her for my Makeup as Muse series! Thank you so much for sharing!

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