mark johnsen

Oooh, paper rocks! I really want to make a joke about scissors, but I won’t. This lovely piece is the work of California based printmaker Mark Johnsen. I wonder how long I would stand in front of this work, titled “The Rocks”, if given the opportunity. Monotypes, etchings, stone lithographs … oh so many textures, lines, details. Sigh. Here are a few words on where Mark draws inspiration:

“… from childhood fishing trips to the Eastern Sierras and is fascinated by the intersection of natural elements. By using the Monotype process he works reductively to scratch or wipe away extra information to reveal a clearer image. Much like his memories, the process caters to the images that are produced.” 

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  1. mark johnsen - Bailey Street Design /// 06.12.2018 /// 4:50am

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  2. Amy Rubin /// 06.12.2018 /// 5:04am

    The paper rocks are phenomenal-so meditative and evocative