briana corr scott

Ahhhh, yes. These lovely still life paintings make me want to take a deep breath, relax my always tight shoulders, and stop for a moment to truly notice simple, everyday beauty. Given the news we’re being bombarded with each and every day, these quiet paintings – by American-born, Nova Scotia based painter Briana Corr Scott – are a very welcome change of pace.

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  1. ALISON ROSS /// 06.26.2018 /// 4:16am

    Beautiful paintings …atmospheric but understated (not flashy!) I would buy one of these if I lived closer to the artist!

  2. Adriana Afford /// 06.26.2018 /// 10:16am

    Thanks for featuring Briana. ❤ We do sell art for her all over the world, and happy you found her. You can find work by her and others at too.

  3. Kimberley Eddy /// 06.26.2018 /// 5:31pm

    I went to see Briana’s Pieces of Sable Island show today at Argyle Fine Art Gallery. It’s even more gorgeous in person. I was so excited to see her pieces here and happy to see you bringing attention to her work.

  4. Andrea Marsiano /// 06.28.2018 /// 4:37pm

    What a lovely artist. Her work is sensitive and mysterious. This kind of work calms the soul.

  5. the jealous curator /// 06.28.2018 /// 9:30pm

    me too.