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I can already feel this post being ‘flagged’, but that’s kind of the whole point. Why should breasts be flagged as upsetting or scandalous? Anywho, I digress. This is the work of Berlin based photographer Annique Delphine from her series titled, “Objectify Me”. I absolutely love this work, and the artist statement that goes along with it:

“As women we are conditioned from an early age that what’s most important about us is the way we look and the way our body feels in someone else’s hands. We are nothing if we aren’t aesthetically pleasing and act humble about it. 
Breasts are the most objectified and sexualized part of women’s bodies. You can literally buy breasts as objects in novelty stores, on amazon, in sex toy stores, etc..
 When I came across these rubber balls made to look and feel like the real thing (only perfected in an eery unattainable way) I knew I had to photograph them. It is a playful way for me to explore my own internalized sexism, and how it has shaped my relationship with my own body. Because even though I know all images of women’s bodies I see in the media have been tampered with I’m still trying to look like those images. I know they aren’t the real thing but that doesn’t stop me from hating my body for being “just“ that.
 Media constantly dismembers, packages and displays women’s bodies for the purpose of selling really anything: cars, burgers, beer, weapons, … body issues, self-hate, insecurity … 
We have been objectified to such an extent that we are no longer seen as human beings but as sexual gadgets. We have been separated from our whole. Turned into a commodity. Femininity has been so far removed from our nature that it has become alien to people. Something they are afraid of. Something that needs to be controlled, censored or concealed as if it were a looming threat. But I believe the real threat is the imbalance that has been cultivated from this patriarchal society.” 


{Found via ‘The Other Art Fair”... btw, deadline for “The Other Art Fair” coming up in both LA and Brooklyn, is July 30th!}

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  2. Dede Falcone /// 07.14.2018 /// 2:47pm

    My God (!) these works so perfectly illustrate the point…vibrant, delectable, lush, and drenched in its own perversity. I love it!!