ben thomas

Okay, who wants to go on summer vacation with this guy? Me too! I often post about painters whose work looks photographic… well today I had to do double-take for the opposite reason. Yep, these saturated dreamlands are photographs, not paintings. This is the work of Australian photographer Ben Thomas, and yes, I would happily plan my next holiday using his colorful portfolio as my itinerary … looks like we’re going everywhere from Coney Island to Dubai! Happy Friday.

psst… Some of Ben’s work is part of a summer group show currently on view at Duran | Mashaal in Montreal.

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  1. Amy Tingle /// 07.21.2018 /// 7:11am

    Is it weird to say I want to live in that banana photo?? Maybe not full-time, but it looks like it could be my new happy place. . .

  2. the jealous curator /// 07.21.2018 /// 3:20pm

    works for me … i’ll meet you there ; )

  3. Helen /// 07.22.2018 /// 8:25am

    Wow love these – and I’m no fan of fairground rides at all. Was a 10 year old screaming banshee on a very small Big Wheel… But these scream sunshine and summer holidays. The colour palette is just fabulous.

  4. Paola /// 08.02.2018 /// 3:50pm

    Hi! i totally love the art selection that you guys make. This artist reminds me a lot of Mara Smarova…is there some kind of current with photography looking like painting? i think it´s very interesting and visually it looks very cool, specially because photography has lost a lot of skill since the digital era started…and this photos are so original, well thought and well made, in terms of composition and colour… Congrats! ps: i write from Chile, so if my english sucks, so sorry haha, but it is what it is 😉