vanessa barragao

Gasp! From moonscapes to the ocean floor … this is the breathtaking work of Portuguese textile artist Vanessa Barragao. Not only is she inspired by nature, Vanessa is doing something to protect it as well:

“The textile industry is one of the most polluting in the world. In almost everything process chemicals are used, specially when it comes to the fibers treatment and dyeing. All the machinery used requires tons of energy while producing a lot of waste and disposable trash. It is extremely harmful for our world and it affects all of its different natural environments, particularly the ocean which absorbs 90% of the atmosphere pollution, warming up itself to the point that so many species get threatened, being the corals, who sustain so many other creatures, one of the most endangered ones.

Vanessa believes in an upcycling effort towards the right way to try to fight against this kind of negative mindset described above. All the materials used come from the deadstock of several local factories which is first cleaned and then selected to recycle and reuse in her projects. Her production is completely artisanal and handmade by using ancestral techniques, like latch hook, felt, knitting, macrame and crochet, to create her artworks.”

Gasp! Again.

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  1. bruna /// 08.29.2018 /// 9:02am

    reminded me of Mother Eagle Embroidery’s instagram in texture and beyond!

  2. Meg Smither /// 08.31.2018 /// 6:44am

    Love you work. Love love it. I am a textile artist. I knit and crochet I have latched along long time a go. This is extraordinary. I would love to talk with you.

    Meg Smither

  3. DD Love /// 09.01.2018 /// 8:30am

    By just looking at the pictures, I can imagine running my hands all over the different textures. Love it!

  4. Sabine aus WO(rms) /// 09.03.2018 /// 1:47am

    Really great!!!!!
    many ♡ ly greetings sent by
    Sabine from WO(rms) in Germany

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