eva lewitt

Curtains, kind of. Delicately balanced and made from polyurethane foam, latex and plastic… but if one of those brightly colored foam circles is removed, so is the tension and everything falls apart. Beautiful. This is the work of New York based artist Eva LeWitt {images from Oslo at VI, VII, Spring 2018}. She did an interview with Artsy a few years ago, and I love this answer about her material choices:

“I work the most freely when I limit my materials and techniques. I have the luxury of choosing this, but the greatest crafts and primitive arts are made only out of the materials at hand. For me this is the most exciting part of making sculpture—what are the inherent limits I can push this material to, how beautiful and interesting is it capable of becoming? What is that sack of sponges and that roll of tape concealing, and how can I reveal it?” 

YES! Oh, and if her last name sounds familiar, Eva’s father is Sol LeWitt. I love that she followed his artistic footsteps, but that she is absolutely forging her own path, pushing her work in new and exciting ways. {I wonder if she was named after her father’s friend, the fabulous artist Eva Hesse?}

{via DesignCrush}

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  1. Johnb /// 09.01.2018 /// 12:32am

    A very interesting use of materials. Verging on the practical.