richard holland

Alright, we all know I’m a sucker for portraits … but then add these ornate, ceramic / found object covered frames and I’m all in! This is the work of California based artist Richard Holland, and yes, those frames are just as intentional as the portraits themselves:

“I collect objects of interest and build them myself if I cannot find them. My frames are as important to me as my paintings, they are all one, an equal part of each other. The frame is not random, it represents the character of who I paint or has something special that connects and is representative to that person. The portrait and frame exudes character and story with it’s unique look, feel and attention to dimensional detail.”

Lovely. Oh, and, that happens to be a self-portrait of Richard just above these words.

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  1. Kriss Boggild /// 11.12.2018 /// 6:23pm

    So enjoyed listening to this podcast! “The Princess Bride”!?! A family fave forever! Love Richard Holland’s self-portrait! So looking forward to seeing those mermaids! A siren song? Let us hope not! Beautiful work, full of craft and knowledge and experience.