eric louie

This is the absolutely breathtaking work of Vancouver based painter Eric Louie. Yes, they’re paintings. I know. I stared at those metallic ribbons of gorgeousness for ages before believing that they were, in fact, oil paintings. I found Eric’s work through Bau-Xi Gallery, who has recently begun representing his work, and here is a snippet about him from their site:

“Louie’s current body of work is the culmination of his experiences as a painter. He describes his work as alluding to landscape, still life, portraiture and how those genres surface in each piece; inventing scenes via many thin layers of luminescent glazes. The delicate, yet dynamic forms that he depicts are central to the ‘virtual worlds’ he creates for the viewer to explore.”

Yep, I could happily explore these worlds… FOREVER.

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  1. Shandra Smith /// 09.12.2018 /// 12:16pm

    Wow these are really interesting! Very unique. Nice work!