deedee cheriel

Kicking things off with “When Brown Chicks Take Over The World”, finishing with closeups of “Here’s to Extravagant Futures”, and a whole bunch of goodness in between! This is fabulous work of LA based artist Deedee Cheriel. Popping by her site is always a good idea, because there is always something new to see… AND you find out about things like this: Deedee’s latest show, titled “Cosmic Connections” opens at KP Projects, LA in a couple of weeks. Saturday, October 6th, 7-10pm to be exact. To attend, RSVP to {guest list at the door}. The show is up until October 27th.

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  1. Sandy Ruffin /// 09.20.2018 /// 9:03am

    These are SO lovely and dreamy! I absolutely want to live in this magical world.